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from Runaways (Marvel Comics)
Arrival Date: 11/15/2017
Kona Rock
Age: 17?
Birthdate: doesn't know

Height: varies
Weight: varies
Hair: varies
Eyes: varies
Build: varies
Complexion: varies
Accent: American/Skrull

People of Note:

http://st_artliving.dreamwidth.org - xavin
Player: Sly
Portrayed by
Imaan Hammamm, Rami Malek, Lili Reinhart

Theme Song:
by Cher Lloyd


I believe your people call it "girl power".

First Impressions

First impressions of Xavin depend a lot on the shape of the moment, especially so given that her shape often reflects her current feelings and inclinations. Second and third impressions, the ones that don't rely on appearance, probably paint a picture of someone proud, even arrogant, but possessed of a genuine desire to do and be good.


Xavin is gender-fluid as well as a shapeshifter, and thus shifts back and forth between male and female depending on the feeling of the moment. A good rule of thumb is that Xavin's pronouns are she/her unless you know for a fact she's in male shape. Male human shape always gets male pronouns, female is correct for everything else unless Xavin says otherwise.

In play, if you don't know which shape Xavin is at any given time, she/her is best.


Xavin is someone who was raised to be a warrior prince conducting what amounted to a war of extermination against another species, but turned her back on it in favor of working towards peace every way she could see. The fact that none of her plans, grand or small, have worked has not dented her determination.

She takes oaths and promises very seriously, to the point of falling in love at a distance with her arranged-marriage fiancee and being willing to fight against her own people in defense of Earth because she'd promised to do so.

She also has a temper along with a tendency to be impulsive: act first, think later. A good idea at the moment is the same as a good idea, and sometimes that means punching a hole in the wall or setting something on fire. It's something she's been working on, and she's better than she used to be, but there are slip-ups.

Fundamentally, Xavin is an alien. She doesn't know a lot about Earth culture and therefore doesn't always blend in especially well, particularly because she doesn't allow her ignorance to stand in the way of anything. She is very fond of Earth, as her adopted home, and humans generally, but still kind of believes Skrulls to be superior.

Skills & Abilities

Xavin, as a Skrull, possesses the shapeshifting abilities of her species. She can take on whatever appearance she wishes, even that of animals or inanimate objects, and their normal abilities, though she doesn't gain any special powers or abilities that that shape might have. Example: if she took Kitty Pryde's shape she would not gain the ability to phase, but in bird shape she can fly. Additionally, Skrull shapeshifting can be a sort of regeneration, in that Xavin can heal most injuries that don't kill her outright as long as she's conscious long enough to do so.

Also, Xavin is a Super-Skrull, albeit one in training. She has been genetically modified and trained to manipulate cosmic energy, specifically gaining all the powers of the Fantastic Four. As such, Xavin has the powers of elasticity, invisibility, force-field generation and control, rock armor skin, super-strength, flight, and fire generation/control.

Because she was still in training when she left Skrull space, Xavin can only use one cosmic powerset at a time.



  • Compass (from a cereal box)


  • peace
  • justice
  • love


  • arrogant
  • impulsive
  • temper


Prince Xavin was hatched into the Royal Family of the Skrull Empire, though outside of the line of succession. It was a brutal childhood, since the outpost world ruled by Prince De'zean, Xavin's father, was engaged in a long-running war with the Majesdanians. Xavin was often used as a diplomatic pawn, when not being trained as a warrior. (Part of said training included being locked in a room full of Majesdanian corpses to teach him not to cry about them.)

One instance of being a diplomatic pawn proved to have long-term consequences: Prince De'zean staged an invasion of Earth, which was stopped by Frank and Leslie Dean. In exchange for the cessation of hostilities against Earth, the Deans offered the coordinates for their homeworld of Majesdane and the hand of their daughter Karolina for De'zean's child Xavin. Secretly, the Deans hoped that the Skrulls and Majesdanians would annihilate each other, rendering the betrothal void.

While Xavin trained as a Super-Skrull, both of her parents died in the war against the Majesdanians. Sickened by the thought of actually continuing the war, Xavin left before her training was complete to go to Earth and find Karolina Dean, believing that thier marriage could be used as cement for a treaty to end it.

In Los Angeles, Xavin made a bad first impression, fighting the Runaways for a while before managing to sort everything out. At first, Karolina refused the offer of marriage because she only liked women, but Xavin immediately adopted a female shape and begged to be given a chance.

Karolina agreed, and the two of them left for Majesdane. On the trip, they became genuinely attached to each other, and by the time they reached their destination the arranged marriage was one of mutual choice. Unfortunately, the wedding didn't go as planned: a Skrull guest insulted a Majesdanian bridesmaid's dress, and that led to a quickly escalating battle.

Karolina and Xavin barely escaped before the Skrulls launched antimatter missiles at Majesdane, destroying the planet outright. They arrived back on Earth in time to save Molly Hayes and, along with the rest of the Runaways, witness the death of Gertrude Yorkes.

Without any home or family to return to, Xavin stayed on Earth with her beloved Karolina and the rest of the Runaways. She participated in their adventures and got along with them to a greater or lesser extent - she didn't always fit in, but her loyalty was unfaltering.

Shortly after the Runaways returned to California from New York, they were attacked by some of the last surviving Majesdanians, the Light Brigade. The Light Brigade wanted to capture Karolina and punish her for her parents' treachery and her failed peace attempt that had resulted in the destruction of Majesdane.

Rather than allow her love to suffer, Xavin knocked Karolina out and took her shape and place. She willingly left Earth in the custody of the Light Brigade, knowing that she was probably going to die. (She told Karolina that she intended to reveal herself and try to make peace, and that she was sure it was going to work, but that was a lie to hopefully make Karolina feel better. It didn't work.)

Majesdanian prison proved to be dark above all: since Majesdanian abilities rely on solar power, a first priority was denying solar energy to the prisoner. This was fine with Xavin, as it meant her disguise would hold longer. Less fine was the brutality of guards, the tendency to 'forget' to feed the prisoner, the crushing solitude... the pure prison-ness of it.

Suddenly appearing on an Earth road will be both remarkable and deeply suspicious.

Story So Far