Welcome to the OtherWorlds

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The shops show subtle changes...

A room begins to shimmer...

A portal opens into somewhere else...

Welcome to the OtherWorlds!

Otherworlds are places that you can access from the Inn. There are some Stable Otherworlds that are always present within the Inn. There are also several malfunctioning rooms (your choice as to location) where you may feel free to explore your own worlds. From time to time there may be a plot-specific otherworld that opens up and this will be announced beforehand! You may also feel free to have creatures or things follow you into the Inn from Otherworlds as long as they are player-optional (meaning, bring in dinosaur you want to fight, but the agreed upon pups need to take care of the issue.)

Stable Otherworlds

There are 4 stable Otherworlds. These are ones that will always remain as they are. The descriptions are guidelines as we want you to have the freedom to enjoy them as you see fit. If your fun is a train heist, awesome. If your fun is leading a fake seance to bilk rich people, awesome. If your fun is just riding horses on an empty plain, awesome.f your fun is, somehow, getting a job in a frontier general store and trying to sell soap, awesome.

Jurassic Otherworld
This Otherworld is before man graced the Earth. There are dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Bugs are gigantic and plants are too. You may explore, hunt, etc here. This world is not entirely hospitable, so keep that in mind!

Steampunk Wild West Otherworld
The cities reflect Victorian England if it was mixed up with steam-powered machinery. In the outskirts and wilderness, you're more likely to experience the Wild West.

Fantasy Realm Otherworld
Set in a medieval era realm, this has magic, elves, dwarves, and all your fantasy needs. Kings and Queens rule the realm and technology stops at swords and arrows.

Future Otherworld
This Otherworld is a floating city where technology has advanced beyond measure. Aliens and unknown species of food and plants abound. There are even ships you can charter out into space.

Guidelines to your own Otherworld!

The malfunctioning rooms are to be used at player discretion. You may choose to have the room go to a one-time-only Otherworld or have your character visit a few times, but it shouldn't be a constant-access world (maybe you even have to wait for a while before that world shows back up).

Ideas for Otherworlds:

  • Alternate dimension
  • A reflection of your pups world (you visit home, but it won't change canon. Glitches can occur that show canon pups you interact with are 100% real)
  • A world where you get to fight something, experience a quest, save someone, etc
  • A world where you change into something else (an animal, a mermaid, etc - think Kingdom Hearts)

Previous plot-based Otherworlds

These are the places we have ventured so far:

Date Room Otherworld Tag
April 2017 137 - Caveman Songrun Here
October 2017 144 - Barrel of Fun Halloween Town Here
February/March 2018 197 - Crystal Room
Asphodel Station Here
June - July 2018 157 - Travelers Suite European Vacation Here
February 11 - 17, 2019 164 - Merry Winter Carnival Here