Welcome to the Hotel California

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What's going on?

January 1, 2017:

You find a small, sad New Year's party in the cafe that looks like it's been going on all night. They invite you to pull up a chair, have some whiskey, waffles, mashed potatoes, salad, fried chicken and apple pie. You join them, because you're hungry and confused. What else are you going to do?

The Deets

Every character arriving on opening day will have two guaranteed threads/logs:

  • one with one of the characters who has been at the hotel for a couple of weeks.
  • one with another new character arriving the same day.

The mods will draw these threads/log by lots and assign you to your partners on or before opening day. By arrangement with your assigned partners, you may do these as threads within the cafe gathering post, private threads, or private email logs. Please try to complete and post them within the first two weeks.

In addition to those threads/logs, you may tag in and tag around the gathering post. The post will be contained to the cafe, but if you wish to go exploring, you may.

Why Assigned Threads?

We can't very well ask you to develop multiple character relationships if we're not going to help you do that. So, each arriving character will meet at least two people on their first day. They can talk as long or as short as they want, but preferably the threads should be at least four tags for each character.

"But I've never played with so-and-so before! I'm nervous!" They probably are too. It's cool, though, because you'll never have "never logged with so-and-so" again and you'll have one more person you know to play with.

"But I don't know anything about their character!" When you meet someone in the lobby of a hotel, you usually don't. They don't have to be bosom buddies. They don't even have to end up liking each other. And who knows? They might end up best friends, or more! If you want a preview, you can check out the canons represented, which all have wiki links on their pages, and you should definitely read their wiki pages. And hey, players have pages too!

Ultimately, the point is that if you're here, it's because you want to play your character in this setting. We're just helping you do that.