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Anthony "Tony" Stark
Arrival date: August 1st, 2018
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Race: H. sapiens
Age: 47
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown, short, styled
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 74 kg
Innate Power: Superhuman intellect, Superhuman capacity for sass
Learned Skills: Physics, Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Self-defense, Diplomacy (in progress)
Special Items: Iron Man Armor Mark 50, Black Sabbath shirt, flip phone with Captain America on speed dial
Employment: On-site research lab co-creator (aspiring)
Residence: 143 - Rock Bottom
Birthday: 5/29/1970
Horoscope: Gemini
Family: Peter Parker (son, informally adopted)
Significant Other: Pepper Potts (fiancée), Thor Odinson (inamorato)
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Robert Downey Jr.
Tag: tony+stark
Player: Nia
Player Email:

"The truth is... I am Iron Man."




Tony has been described as "mercurial" and a "textbook narcissist" even in the best of times. His pride is not undeserved, given his intellect, accomplishments, and sheer ability. However, as noted, this is very prone to inflating to egomaniac levels. These are defense mechanisms against a deeply-seated guilt he carries with him and a fear of intimacy and loss, and by the point he arrives at the hotel he's self-aware enough to realize it. Despite this, he cares deeply for those close to him, and takes his superhero title seriously enough to stick his neck out for any individual if the situation called for it. Usually it doesn't around the hotel, though, so he has to focus on cultivating his better characteristics to make it by.


On his own:

-Genius level intellect and expert tactician

-Master of engineering, physics, and business

-Nigh-endless wealth

-Trained combatant


Equipped with the Iron Man suit (able to summon at will when equipped with arc reactor):

-Superhuman strength/reflexes/durability/speed


-Advanced weaponry (Repulsors, lasers, mini-guns, missiles)

-Heads Up Display (HUD) - Interface for which Tony can interact with his assistive AI, performing environmental scanning, and switch between offensive and defensive sections



(Canon) Like most of Tony Stark's relationships, they got off to a rocky start. They quickly became allies and Avengers-in-arms, and have been so for half a decade. Tony hadn't seen Thor for two years since arriving at the inn, and Thor remains the single individual that Tony trusts above all others there. Their dynamic of their relationship has undergone a shift since his arrival, but they remain no less close.

(Canon) Continuing their pre-established relationship, Tony and Peter have a mentor-protege relationship. Tony sees himself in Peter and aspires to groom him into the best super-hero he can be and "assume the throne" as it were. Though he trusts Peter to always do the right thing, he doesn't trust him with some ugly truths, at least not yet.



(Game) Liz was one of the first individuals that Tony met at the inn, and was a stabilizing influence during the transition period. Though Tony took an initial interest in her as Peter's girlfriend, he sees potential in her as an individual for her interests in the sciences and diligent nature. He takes extra pains to be accommodating around her and proposed that she aid in him his research efforts regarding the hotel.

(Game) Though an alternate universe version of Tony is known to Xavin (Marvel Comics - Runaways), this incarnation is not. Despite this, Xavin recognized Tony, and fearfully so. They got over that speed bump pretty quickly, as Xavin provides coffee. Tony has zero interest in perpetuating any grudges from other universes and every interest in coffee, so it works out.

(Game) Kitty also comes from a reality where she and Tony are at odds. Their mutual affinity for research, development, the sciences, and a nice bubbly overrode that. They share a goal of establishing a lab at the hotel.


(Canon) Tony vividly recalls the Battle of New York and all the terror Loki inflicted on his people during. Despite this, he knows there's nothing to gain by enacting vengeance (attempted or successful). Tony has made it into a personal challenge to be civil towards him. If he breaks, he loses. Adding to this, Loki went undercover as a kitten and set up shop in Tony's room. Taking this at face value, Tony adopted him. When the revelation came out, Tony smarted over suddenly not having a pet, not that he'd ever admit it.

Since Loki saved his life during an attempted siege on the hotel, Tony's stance has softened considerably.

(Canon) They come from the same universe, but haven't properly met in canon. Rocket likes weapons and so does Tony. With his suit on the fritz, Rocket makes a valuable business-type partner.

(Canon) "Star-Lord" has some answers to Tony's future on Titan, and he's interested in discovering them. Tony doesn't think much of his chosen moniker but sees him as a potential ally.


(Canon) Tony's ex-friend and ex-teammate. Since Steve predates their falling out, Tony struggles with his bitterness and desire to be fair (as much as Tony is capable.)

(Game) They met in a bar, and Tony learned that Alec was not a fan very quickly. After getting a black eye, Tony nearly fired a warning shot into his face if not for a timely intervention from Peter. Though Tony is no longer paranoid that Alec is a threat to Peter or anyone else, he avoids Alec when possible for both their sakes.


(Canon) The man who was brainwashed by HYDRA into assassinating his parents and the "cause" of Steve Rogers turning his back on Tony and The Avengers. Despite the many, many, many difficult feelings, Tony knows the choice wasn't Bucky's and spared him of another attempted murdering upon their reunion.



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