Toby Domzalski

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Toby Domzalski
Arrival date: March 15, 2019
Canon: Trollhunters: Tales of Arcardia
Race: Human
Age: seventeen
Eyes: green
Hair: auburn
Height: short
Weight: round
Innate Power: sunny disposition
Learned Skills: jumps into adventure
Special Items: war hammer
Employment: TBD
Residence: Golfer’s Room
Birthday: November 17
Horoscope: Scorpio
Family: Nana, Jim, Claire, AARRGGHH (wingman), Blinky, Not!Enrique, Chompsky
Significant Other: Darci Scott (GIRLFRIEND! That’s right I have one!)
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Jason McGuire
Journal: st_warhammer
Tag: toby+domzalski
Player: Leslie
Player Email: valorgrl @ gmail dot com


Both of Toby's parents were killed in a storm at sea. He was sent to live with his nana in Arcadia. It was there he met Jim Lake Jr., and they've been best friends ever since. One day when they were late to school they took a shorcut through a canal where they found the remains of former Trollhunter, Kanjigar the Courageous. The amulet, made by Merlin, began to speak Jim's name, prompting the two to steal it. Toby quickly forgets about it and starts helping out Jim with his crush, Claire Nuñez. Later the next night, Toby comes over to Jim's house, where he reveals his amulet gave him a suit of armor and a sword, much to his amazement. Jim's troll friends, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!, enter the house. Though this initially scares him, he quickly befriends AAARRRGGHH!!!.Blinky explains to the two that Jim has been selected as the next in a long line of heroic warriors known as Trollhunters, and that it is up to him to defeat Kanjigar's killer, Bular. Unlike Jim, Toby is looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead.

Toby & Jim

AARRGGHH, Toby, Jim, Claire, Blinky

Toby armor.jpg
Claire, Jim and Toby in armor

Appearance & Abilities

Toby is a short (approximately 5 feet 2 inches), overweight boy with auburn hair, green eyes and braces.

He wears a red diamond-patterned sweater vest over a yellow button-up shirt, brown pants, and white shoes.

Madonna Inn

Coming Soon!

Fun Stuff