Thor Odinson

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Thor Odinson
from The MCU
Arrival Date: 6/15/18
174 - Krazy Dazy
Age: 1500 years, give or take
Birthdate: Unknown

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 201 lbs
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Build: muscular
Complexion: fair
Accent: Asgardian

People of Note: No one yet

st_ormbreaker - Thor Odinson
Player: Trudy
Portrayed by
Chris Hemsworth

Theme Song:
"Immigrant Song"
by Led Zeppelin


"I choose to run towards my problems, and not away from them. Because's that -- because's that what heroes do."

"It's like a pirate had a baby with an angel."

Physical Appearance





As an Asgardian, Thor has abilities beyond that of a human. As the son of Odin, these powers exceed that of a normal Asgardian. Thor has been alive for over a thousand years and has used that time to improve his martial finesse. His abilities include:

• Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina, and Durability

• Regenerative Healing Factor

• Longevity

• Elemental Manipulation (Weather, Electricity)

• Flight

• Teleportation

Though not an ability, his current weapon, Stormbreaker, makes him a formidable force in combat.


Though strong in his own right, after his banishment to Midgard, Thor has learned restraint to reduce the likelihood of collateral damage. He rarely lets loose on an enemy unless they are a formidable force.




Trust Loki, Tony Stark
Friendship Jane Doe, Clarice Fong, Peter Quill, River Song, Rocket, Steve Rogers
Affinity Gartrett Corbie, Alec McDowell, Liz Parker
Ambivalence Kashaw Vesh
Caution None
Distrust None
Contempt None


His baby brother. Though Loki's actions over the last 10 years have strained their relationship, after a few initial bumps, it was improved considerably in the few weeks before he arrived at the inn. Loki remembers nothing about that time, but Thor does, and he trusts Loki with his life because of it. Though they frequently butt heads (even more now that he's revealed to Loki that he dies), Thor would die for Loki without question.

There is nothing Thor wouldn't do for Tony. They've been friends for a very long time, and though their relationship has changed since his arrival at the inn, his affection for him is just as great as it was before -- and likely greate).

Despite this, there is some part of him that believes that Tony is dead, and he finds it difficult to cope with that reality and with the guilt and sense of responsibility that came with his poor decision-making skills during the Battle of Wakanda. That may be part of why he feels protective of him, though he's quite aware Tony can quite easily take care of himself.

Now that he's come (mostly) clean about what happened with Thanos, Thor is doing what he can to aid Tony in his quest to change history. He truly believes that if anyone is capable of fixing this mess, it is Tony.


Thor believes Jane is Sif, and though there's a chance she might not be, after talking to her for as long as he has about Sif and Asgard, he still considers her "his people".

Thor likes Clarice quite a deal, and she's made a good drinking buddy as well. Though they've had different experiences, he can relate to her -- especially since they both share the need for revenge over the loss of their loved ones.

Though Quill might not think highly of Thor and feel threatened by him, Thor hardly feels the same. Though Thor casually calls him a moron, he doesn't actually truly dislike him.

The two of them have slowly become friends over drinks, and most recently, Thor came clean to him about what happens with Thanos. He's promised that if Gamora lives, he will find her. Quill is the only person who currently knows that Thor is considering using the Infinity Stones to change things and Quill supports it.

Though Rocket came before his time, he is the closest thing to a friend right now. He traveled with him to Nidavellir, comforted him when he needed it, gave him a mechanical eye to replace the one that Hela took out, and helped him with the creation of Stormbreaker. Thor considers him to be a good person.

As one of the Avengers, Steve is automatically afforded a level of friendship above most others. Steve has always been kind to Thor, and he hasn't forgotten it -- even two years after he left Earth.

Thor isn't sure if River is one of the good-looking bartenders Alec mentioned, but he does consider her beautiful. She's friendly, too, even though they just met and don't yet know one another very well. That counts for something in Thor's book.


Thor only met Corbie recently, but he likes her a great deal; she's a nice girl with a sweet temperament. In some way, she reminds him a little of Jane.

He seems nice enough, and he also fell for the old "try to pick up my enchanted axe-hammer" bit. He also seems to have a level head on his shoulders.

Liz is incredibly sweet, though Thor thinks she can probably use more confidence. She's presently teaching him how to cook, which he very much appreciates, not only because it functions as a distraction from the things he's been avoiding, but it also gives him the opportunity to do something for the usually-independent Tony Stark.


Kashaw was the first person he met at the inn. Thor recognizes that he was patient, and while Kashaw isn't unfriendly, he doesn't seem overly friendly, either. He did help Thor, though, and he appreciates it.


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