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The Madonna Inn "Expanded Public Library"

Repurposed from what had been the 'Garden Room,' the library space with its high wooden ceilings, chandeliers, and landscape murals over busy floral carpet still looked somewhat like a touristy banquet hall, yet the area was now also highly saturated with layered magic. The hodgepodge collection of random books and so on were fiercely protected by these magics. When needed and as possible, worn volumes had been restored. The books could not be damaged nor marred, at least not by coffee spills nor page-tearing or inconsiderate attempts at margin notation. Nor would they leave the boundaries of the library area without proper dispensation, simply stopping mid-air and dropping should the attempt be made at the threshold. Ask at the Desk for Assistance With These Items, prompted the signs on several glass display cases featuring certain perhaps unsettling curiosities within - books in arcane languages, skulls from indeterminate creatures, and artifacts such as a green glowing cube suspended on a chain. At said desk, a gleaming service bell sat waiting, should the staff be needed and not clearly present.

The "expanded public library" was opened 1/25/18 in the banquet facility space on the second floor of the main building (same floor as the clinic) previously known as the Garden Room. Sam Winchester, Regina Mills and Illyana Rasputin contributed many of the loaner materials, while Xavin offered to staff the cafe and Dorian Pavus worked many of the protections on the display cases housing the arcane or otherwise potentially dangerous items. The "expanded" part refers to not just a bigger space than previously allotted for books/movies/music media, but also other rentals/services including the small cafe area. The volunteer staff made up of inn residents will come and go as they determine their scheduling amongst themselves, but the library doors will be kept open at all hours. Keep in mind that most technology and media at the inn will come from the mid-90's or earlier - unless there's an exception for some reason, your character probably can't find the contemporary Top 40 Songs or the Latest Blockbuster.

Rentals / Services

  • sports and camping equipment
  • media players & headphones (TVs with VHS/DVD, Discmans, radios, Oldskool Gameboy/Nintendo/SuperNintendo)
  • small interior cafe (espresso machine staffed by Xavin When She Feels Like It, snacks & pastries stocked from the kitchen)
  • general information services
  • classes & tutoring
  • assorted event hosting such as movie nights, book clubs, poetry readings, craft workshops, retro video game tournaments, etc.
  • arcane/dangerous bullshit storage

Magic Everywhere Disclaimer

Please note that because magically-inclined characters helped put the library together, it will be dripping with spells and wards put in place to protect the stored items, but won't be set to keep anyone or anything in particular from entering the space. The rental process is really just telling Illyana (or other staffers, as people volunteer) what you want to borrow so your check-out can be recorded/magically tracked if reported lost/missing etc. And in the case that your characters think they'll be clever and sneak something out, there are wards that will stop and drop items at the threshold if they haven't been checked out properly. If your character wants to try and fiddle with the magic of the library, please assume the magic was worked by more than one highly competent casters that will probably find out someone's been tampering, or may even show up to stop your character in the act.

Current Staff

Illyana Rasputin - Head Librarian

Xavin - Cafe Operations

Doorway Plaque

Madonna Inn Expanded Public Library

Established ~01.25.2018 Earthly Gregorian Calendar

Open All Hours

Volunteer Staff on Duty as Schedules Allow

Classes & Tutoring for Most Subjects Available Upon Request

Donations Encouraged

Disruptive Patrons Will Be Zealously Evicted