Samirah Al-Abbas

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Samirah "Sam" Al-Abbas
from Magnus Chase
"I never joke about calculus homework."
Arrival Date: Feb 1 2019
Age: 17
Birthdate: June 10

Height: 5'6
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Brown(wears a green hijab)
Eyes: Brown like redwood
Build: thin and muscluar
Complexion: brown
Accent: none

People of Note:

[st_udieshard ] - [Samirah Al-Abbas ]
Player: Meredith
Portrayed by
Noha Hamid

Theme Song:


Samirah, her family and her name sake, can trace back her ancestry back to a famous travler by the name of Ahmad ibn Fadlan ibn al-Abbas in the 10th Century. He was know for his account of his travels as a member of an embassy of the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad. His works is most notable for providing a detailed description of the Volga Vikings. His goals was to appeal the Islamic doctrine and law to the Bulgars.

Early Life

Samirah was born to a doctor named Ayesha al-Abbas and the Norse god Loki. She lost her mother at a young age and lived with her grandparents. When she was ten, she started fasting for Ramada. They eventually arranged a marriage between her and Amir Fadlan, whom she had a crush on since she was twelve. Her father would visit her from time to time but she would ignore him, much to his frustration.

Becoming a Valkyrie

She attended Malcolm X Middle School, where she experienced racism and was harassed by her classmates because she was Muslim. They called her a terrorist, pulled off her hijab, and put insulting letters and pictures in her locker. When she was fourteen, a frost giant attacked her school. Despite her hatred of her fellow students, she lured the frost giant to the roof in order to protect them and pushed him off the roof. Odin then appeared to her and offered her a place as a Valkyrie, to which she accepted.

Odin would remain in contact with her. Just before Magnus' sixteenth birthday, Odin appeared to her and told her to collect Magnus' soul.


Sam is Arab-American. She has long brown hair. Magnus described her eyes as the color of redwood bark, somehow dark and bright at the same time (greatly resembling those of her father Loki), like the ammonite fossil his mother once had. She wears a green hijab draped around her neck. She often has a single-bladed axe engraved with Norse runes.


Sam is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. She is a devoted Valkyrie but at the same time, she wants to live a normal life. She loves her grandparents and hates to lie to them. Sam is determined as she demonstrated when she was desperate to find the Sword of Summer to become a Valkyrie again.


  • Axemenship: Sam is skilled in axe-wielding and uses one as her primary weapon.
  • Alf Sign Language: Samirah has learned ASL.
  • Old Norse: Sam is able to understand and read Nordic Runes
  • Arabic: Samirah can speak Arabic
  • Mathematics: Sam has mastered calculus and trigonometry.
  • Monster Sense: Sam is able to sense the location of powerful monsters.
  • Shapeshifting: Samirah possesses her father's ability to change forms. However, whenever she uses this power, she loses herself and feels her father taking over. Due to this, she rarely uses it.
  • Flight: As a Valkyrie, Sam is able to fly. While the daughter of Loki can fly on her own, she often uses a horse made of mist to fly herself when traveling with others.


  • Axe: Sam's axe is made out of bone steel and she uses it as her primary weapon.
  • Swan Cloak: As a Valkyrie Sam has a swan Cloak, a piece of cloth that can hide her and one other person via camouflage. She wears it as a hijab.