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Character Journals

Character Journals are to be used for:

  • Whatever you'd like! If you'd like to have a thread in your journal, sure! Please link it to the main community when it's completed because we'd love to read it.
  • We encourage you to have a Network Inbox for the magic journals. You can add your info: Inboxes
  • doing the sex or any other NSFW activities.

Game Comm

All posts to the Game Comm should have a subject line that includes the characters and date the thread occurred. TAll posts should be tagged with characters present in the post and any relevant plot tags. The Game Comm is to be used for:

  • all the things!


We intend for anyone to be able to read the entire game by reading the main game comm. Anything that is posted to a private journal, whether it's a log, a thread, a diary entry, an NSFW thread, etc., should be "linkdropped" to the main game comm.

What is a linkdrop?

A post with basic information about a thread and a link back to where it is posting.

How do I do it?

Character tags for each character included in the private post should be added to the post, as well as any other pertinent tags (such as plot tags). Link dump posts should be in the following format:


Short summary of what the private thread is about.

[<a href="url of post">Here</a> | rating (gen, pg, nc-17, etc.) | status (completed, ongoing) | any content warnings]

The date is the date the thread/log takes place in the character's timeline.