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Spidey Profile Large.png
Peter Parker
from The MCU
Arrival Date: 8/1/2017
215 - Morning Star
Age: 15
Birthdate: Unknown

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 141 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Build: fit
Complexion: fair
Accent: New York

People of Note: Alec (roommate, friend), Kitty (teacher), Liz (girlfriend), Mary (mother figure), Piotr (art teacher), River Song (teacher)

st_arkintern - Peter Parker
Player: Trudy
Portrayed by
Tom Holland

Theme Song:
"Rivers in the Desert"
by Shoji Meguro


"That means that I'm an Avenger?"

"I'm sick of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid!"

Physical Appearance

Peter Parker stands at 5'8" with a lean, muscular physique that is usually hidden behind a wardrobe of nerdy t-shirts, slacks, and comfortable thrift-store jackets and hoodies. His face is boyish and clean-shaven (though Peter himself has never had to shave a day in his life). His hair is brown, as are his eyes, which are large and expressive.

Most of the time, Peter is extremely readable; he struggles hiding his emotions, and it's easy to tell -- even when he doesn't say a word -- when he's vibrating with excitement or feeling under-the-weather. Because of this, Peter comes across as extremely genuine, save for the moments when he's very badly (and very obviously) lying.


A chronic do-gooder even before he was bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker is what his mentor, Tony Stark, would call "a good kid". Though Peter struggles to stand up for himself (especially against Flash, Midtown's resident bully), he won't hesitate to stand up for others, even at the expense of his own well-being. And this, above anything else, is what makes him a good hero.

Unfortunately, being a good hero means sacrifice. Though once involved in a number of different extracurriculars (a testament to Peter's own broad set of interests), Peter was forced to drop them in lieu of his responsibilities as Spider-Man; likewise, his relationships have suffered as a result. He frequently comes across as flaky and irresponsible, because he can't provide others with a good excuse for the sudden absences and quick departures that are required of him to attend to Queens' criminal element. This bothers Peter, who truly wants to be seen as reliable; however, he accepts that there's nothing he can do about it without outing himself as Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man, Peter exhibits a quick wit that he doesn't often express as Peter Parker, Midtown Academy sophomore; he's more confident. When he dons the mask, it's almost as if Peter becomes the person he wants to be -- brave and unhesitating, ready to take on the world, no matter what the obstacle.

Though Peter takes his responsibilities as Spider-Man seriously, he's also still a teenager. He has no compunctions with arguing with adults, particularly those that he disagrees with; at those times, he's defensive, and has a hard time backing down. He'll find any way to justify him being right. He also believes that he should be taken seriously and treated like an adult, and will butt heads with anyone who wants to patronize him or treat him like a child.


After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker was imbued with a number of abilities that gave him the proportionate powers of a spider. While he's still learning how his powers work and how best to use them, he is still generally able to hold his own in combat.

The abilities that Peter acquired after being bitten by the spider include:

• Superhuman Strength

• Superhuman Speed

• Superhuman Durability

• Superhuman Agility

• Superhuman Equilibrium

• Enhanced Vision

• Spider-Sense

• Wall-Crawling

• Regenerative Healing Factor

Peter is also a gifted student and he frequently uses his intelligence to aid in combat situations. He created his web-shooters and the highly-advanced and durable chemical compound he uses inside of them. He's also shown promise as a tactician, drawing from his extensive film knowledge to tackle enemies more powerful than he is.

In close quarters, Peter has developed his own combat style that leans heavily on improvisation and the clever use of his powers and web-shooters. Peter moves quickly and packs a powerful hit and when in top form, does so with considerable grace.


Peter is still learning how to use his powers, and while he has moments of extreme competence, he also struggles with controlling his powers and the user of his web-slingers. Though he normally has great reflexes, it's not uncommon for him to land on his face or botch a swing using his web-slingers.

He's also against causing permanent harm to others, and will go out of his way to rescue his enemies; he prefers to disable whenever possible and would never kill. This sometimes causes issues as it has been known to put Peter at considerable risk.


Peter Parker was the only son of Richard and Mary Parker, who died when Peter was young. Peter's life was fairly normal until the Stark Expo, where he was saved by Iron Man. Peter idealized Tony Stark and his love of superheroes only grew after the Battle of New York, and his opinion of Tony Stark with it.

When Peter was fourteen, he was bitten by a radioactive spider. At some point during his first six months as a superhero, he was indirectly responsible for the death of his uncle, Ben. This event shaped Peter's entire outlook on his personal responsibilities as a superhero: "When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you."

Shortly afterwards, Peter was recruited by Tony Stark to fight in the Battle of Berlin and he gave him a suit he designed specifically for him. Peter was allowed to keep the suit and continued to patrol Queens as their own resident superhero.

While Peter had been reluctant to go international when he was recruited by Tony, he was galvanized by the battle there and was eager to prove himself to Tony and become a real Avenger. When he discovered that a group of criminals were using stolen alien tech to create weapons, Peter finally saw his chance. Tony, however, was less impressed with Peter taking what he saw as unnecessary risks. After Peter continued to go after the Vulture even after Tony ordered him not to, he took Peter's suit away. For awhile, Peter retired as Spider-Man and reverted to a normal student.

That changed when he picked up his date to Homecoming and discovered Liz's father was the Vulture. Peter tried to contact Tony, but was unable to reach him; he realized then that the Vulture's target was the plane that was being used to move the Avengers' gear to their new facility upstate. Peter saw no other choice but to go after the Vulture in his homemade suit and fought against the villain on the plane itself. When the plane crash-landed, Peter was repeatedly beaten down by the Vulture, but he still saved him when his mechanical wings exploded.

Tony returned the suit to Peter and offered him a position among the Avengers, which Peter rejected. Since then, Peter's continued his work as Queens' Neighborhood Friendly Spider-Man.


Trust Liz Parker, Alec McDowell, Tony Stark
Friendship Peter Quill
Affinity Gartrett Corbie, Homer Jackson, Makoto Kimura, Curnen Overbay, Kitty Pryde, Piotr Rasputin, River Song, River Tam, Scanlan Shorthalt, Rocket, Mary Winchester
Ambivalence Jane Doe, Vax'ildan, Dean Winchester
Caution Illyana Rasputin
Distrust None
Contempt None


Liz is Peter's first "real" girlfriend. Though he has his own anxieties about what will happen when one or the other of them returns home, he's enjoying their relationship while he can (and trying earnestly to be mature about the situation since that's precisely how he feels he should act). The first girl he's ever loved. He'll do anything for her.

Peter's best friend at the inn, even if Alec might not feel the same. He wishes that he could do a better job of helping Alec through his issues and wishes his roommate thought better of himself; Alec acts confident, but Peter's seen past that veneer of ego. Peter basically considers him a brother.

Peter trusts Tony with his life. He doesn't believe that Tony would ever do anything to intentionally hurt him. He's the closest thing that Peter's had to a father since Ben's died.


Peter thinks Quill is basically the coolest -- and Quill's encouragement has done a lot to galvanize Peter's confidence with regards to the whole superhero thing. He appreciates that Quill gets his pop culture references, and while they might not always agree on best movies, Quill is definitely Peter's friend.


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Peter feels comfortable around Captain Jackson. Even though he's been unknowingly fooled by the man, he still felt comfortable enough to go to him with his sexual concerns.

Makoto has cool powers -- and he's a really great artist. Peter really wants to become better friends with him. There aren't a lot of teenagers at the inn.

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More Coming Soon

One of Peter's teachers. He really respects him, but worries that he's got something going on that he doesn't quite understand.

One of Peter's teachers. Peter thinks she's really cool -- and smart, even though he hasn't said as much to her.

Peter's not sure what to make of River Tam quite yet. She's a little strange, but she's nice enough.

Rocket's right on the cusp of friendship. Peter thinks he's really cool (he's a remarkably self-assured raccoon who has no compunctions with speaking his mind or standing up for himself), but isn't quite sure how to be friends with him, because Rocket doesn't seem like the sort of person to make friends. Peter will almost certainly end up considering him a friend -- even if Rocket doesn't ever return the feeling.

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The closest thing Peter has to a mother figure. Peter thinks she's really kind. Though he feels comfortable around her, he can't help but feel a little sad; would his mother have been like this if she were still alive?


Jane helped Liz, and while that puts her in Peter's good graces in his books, he doesn't know much about her yet to form an opinion.

Peter's initial impression of Vax was that he was really nice; he left an impression on him when he took the time to include him in the recording, but Peter hasn't had the opportunity to really get to know him all that well quite yet.

Peter hasn't gotten to know Dean all that well, but it's clear that he and Alec are very much alike in more than appearance.


Yana is incredibly intimidating and Peter, being the person he is, wants to get along with everyone; this isn't the case with Yana, who he approaches with great caution.


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