Percy de Rolo

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Profile percy.png
Percival Frederickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III
from Critical Role
You can call him Percy
Arrival Date: 2/17/2017
Old World Suite, rm 192
Age: 23

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 178 lbs
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Build: lean
Complexion: pale
Accent: Whitestonian

People of Note: Vex'ahlia - Lady de Rolo, Vax'ildan - brother in law, Pike Trickfoot, Scanlan Shorthalt, Aux Machina (Kashaw Vesh, Zahra Hydris, Lillith Daturai,) the rest of Vox Machina, Cassandra de Rolo - percival+de+rolo
Player: Sil
Portrayed by
Nicklas Kingo

Theme Song:
"Wait for It"
by Hamilton: An American Musical

If there's a reason I'm still alive, when everyone around me has died:
I'm willing to wait for it.

"I'm sorry my issues have guns."

"Percy was the third child of seven children, born to a noble family who lived far to the north in the ancient castle of Whitestone. With so many siblings to share the burdens of lordship, Percy turned his attention to the sciences, engineering, and naturalism. One day, a mysterious couple, named Lord and Lady Briarwood, came to court. During a feast held in their honour, the Briarwoods violently took control of the castle, killing or imprisoning everyone who would stand in their way.

Percy awoke chained in the dungeon, only to be freed by his younger sister. Together they fled, chased by the Briarwoods' men. As they ran, Percy's sister took several arrows to the chest and fell. Percy kept running, eventually jumping into a freezing river and floating unconscious to freedom. He did not remember waking up on a fishing boat. He barely remembered the next two years, as he slowly made his way as far south as possible.

Then one night, Percy had a dream. A roaring cloud of smoke offered him vengeance against those who destroyed his family. When he awoke, Percy began to design his first gun."


Percival is a product of his family and his upbringing. A noble son of a noble family, he is proud, well-mannered, arrogant and snobbish. He's often indifferent to normal people but will always treat a fellow noble with the respect they're due. (The level of that respect is...varying.)

Percy is brilliant, a tinkerer capable of inventing items well beyond the technology level of the world he lives in without the use of magic. He has an advanced knowledge of chemistry and chemical reactions.

He is also broken, having long ago accepted that his death is inevitable and his damnnation earned. Percy is not working to redeem himself, only to protect those he cares about from paying the price for his sins.

Percy belongs to Vex'ahlia.


Percy's Stats
Character Physical Mental
HP 130 STR 12 INT 20
AC 18 DEX 22 WIS 16
DC 19 CON 14 CHA 14

Percy wears glasses all the time, but they're mostly for close up work. Custom designed, they have two smaller lenses that can be flipped down to increase magnification for fine detail work.

His hair is stark white, though his dark brows indicate that it's not a natural shade though it is also not chemically induced. Despite the white hair, he's a relatively young man, somewhere in his early to mid twenties. Working at a forge has defined his body in rather impressive ways, particularly his shoulders which have on occasion caused nearby viewers to get the vapors. Percy is unaware of this effect.