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Many of us come from games where if you haven't threaded it, it hasn't happened; if they didn't learn it onscreen, they don't know it. Strange Trip isn't that sort of game. It's a small community. General character information and events are assumed to be public knowledge. That is, a certain level of knowledge is not only accepted, but expected.

To be clear, there is a difference between general character knowledge and personal information. Some examples: Anyone can/probably does know that Stephanie Brown is dating Vax'ildan; only the people she's told know that Steph is a vigilante.

This page is designed to complement the Need to Know page to help players determine what their characters are likely to know. Other pages in the Character Information category may also provide helpful hints about what people are up to.


In most circumstances, whether it is threaded or not, you should assume that your character has been told/is aware of the following within a few days of arrival. It's possible that someone might elect not to share certain elements immediately because the new arrival is flipping out, but they'll probably learn it pretty soon after anyhow.

  • there are gift baskets for new arrivals available in the Copper Cafe on check-in days and in the office on other days
  • you cannot leave by your own efforts
  • you can travel four hours at any speed in any direction before you return to the Inn
  • any destruction of your room, attempts to change the decor, or take another room for yourself will result in the Inn resetting things; all damage is repaired within 24 hours.
  • you can personalize your room by adding to it, but if you take things out of it, they will return the next morning
  • rooms that have more beds than occupants have a ghost for each extra bed; the ghosts are largely benign
  • food, beverage, clothing etc is free; there's always enough food and alcohol
  • people work to help out, and any food that does not have chicken in it has not been cooked by the Chef but fellow residents
  • people come from different worlds and different time periods
  • some of the people at the inn do not look human
  • the Inn is generally safe
  • there are five permanent staff - the Innkeeper (Darryl, who gives towels), the Groundskeeper (f), the Housekeeper (f, who gives towels), the Cook (Kahni, though you probably heard "Kenny," who only makes chicken dishes), Maintenance Worker - none of whom seem exactly human and who won't talk to you beyond their job

Whether your character believes these things or not, that is up to you.

First Month

Because of the size of the Inn, the small number of characters, and the general grapevine, unless your character has been a shut-in, or you have specific reasons for them not to know, these things should be obvious by the end of the first month:

  • the hotel facilities include a pool, tennis courts, bikes, horseback riding, a gym, sauna, spa, restaurant, cafe, nightclub, boutiques
  • although individual rooms cannot be changed, that rule does not appear to apply to adjustments to common areas that improve resident quality of life: ie, the gym has been improved as has the spa, there is a permanent clinic, gardens/orchards, a library
  • some people have magic or special abilities (again, you can choose not to believe it, but you'd know) - ie, if you look up a lot, you may well have seen people flying - wings, brooms, under their own power; the books in the library are self-cleaning if you spill on them; temperature and weather are occasionally manipulated; some of the healers use magic and potions to heal.
  • all of the residents -- that is, unless you have made a concerted effort *not* to, by the end of a month, you will have seen every face in the inn and probably know their names; at a bare minimum, you will have seen them during mealtimes or at group events.
  • about the staff: the residents call the innkeeper Darryl and the chef Kenny (he was actually named Kahni, but the telephone game morphed it), though these are assigned names. The others as yet haven't been named, nor given names for themselves.
  • about the clinic: there is one, it is always staffed; additionally, you may know that Loki and Liz Parker work there.
  • about the kitchen: the Chef cooks chicken dishes only; you are free to use it to cook for yourself.
  • about the bakery: there is a menu and baked goods are available daily and by special request; you may know Mary Winchester is running the bakery.
  • about the bar and restaurant: they exist, there is nearly always someone on duty; you may know that Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca wait tables, and that Kitty Pryde, Bo Dennis, and Molly Carpenter tend bar.
    • If you need a bartender, you may feel free to say that Kitty made your drinks, however please don't have her do anything more than that without speaking to Allie.

  • about the spa: there are people who give massages; you may additionally know that includes [[Stephanie Brown].
  • about the library: it was created by the residents, namely Illyana Rasputin; anyone may use it. Sam Winchester is an 'acquisition agent'. Xavin runs the coffee bar in the library.
  • about the gardens: they exist, there are flower gardens, food gardens, orchards, and a greenhouse; additionally, you may know that River Tam looks after many of the flowers, Regina Mills is in charge of dangerous/magical plants, and she runs the food gardens, orchards, and greenhouse, with the help of Vax'ildan.
  • there are parties, dances, and events,
  • there are musicians in the Inn who play from time to time; you may also know their names are Maria DeLuca and Miguel Rivera.
  • there are stables, you may ride them.
  • sometimes the Inn connects to other worlds for a few weeks and you can go on field trips.
  • Regina Mills works in the offices and generally has her finger on the pulse of everything.