Most Wanted Characters

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Current players come here to list their Most Wanted characters. These are characters who are canonmates to theirs, who they want to play with, or just who they love but don't think they can do justice to.

If you want to see a character in-game, please list them below along with their canon. (If you like, you can also include a Requested By with your name, so people know who to possibly interface with for play later on.) For example: Bruce Banner/Hulk ('MCU') - Requested By Sly

Please be aware that some character pages also list desired connections, so this list should not be considered exhaustive! Please also browse to see who's here and who they might want if you don't see anything that grabs you here.


  • Kenzi ('Lost Girl') - Requested by Nat
  • Sharon Carter ('MCU') - Requested by Missy
  • Peggy Carter ('MCU') - Requested by Missy
  • Bucky Barnes ('MCU') - Requested by Missy
  • Sam Wilson ('MCU') - Requested by Missy