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from Humans
I just want to live
Arrival Date: September 15, 2018
Daisy Mae, Room 138
Age: Technically 10 appears 20s/30s
Birthdate: unknown

Height: 5'9”
Weight: 330lbs (robotics)
Hair: black
Eyes: green
Build: slim
Complexion: asian
Accent: British

People of Note: Leo, Niska, Max, Ed, Laura, Sophie, Toby, Mattie, Joe

http://st_artfeeling.dreamwidth.org - mia
Player: Amanda
Portrayed by
Gemma Chan

Theme Song:
"Human Race"
by Three Days Grace

Who Am I?:


Mia was the first synth created by David Elster to look after his son Leo, because David and his wife could not. She was soon followed by Fred, Niska, and Max. She was the one who brought Leo to the surface after he drowned, and after his being brought back, they grew very close. However, while on the run, she and her family except for Leo and Max were captured. Because she tried to fight back against her captures, Mia was reverted to factory settings, but luckily her unique code was saved as sensory data, and thus not deleted.

Life in the Inn

Coming Soon!