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Liz (Elizabeth) Parker
Liz Parker1.jpg
Arrival date: Dec 1 2017
Canon: Roswell
Race: Human
Age: 17
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125 lbs
Innate Power: Some Clairvoyance
Skills: Serving Food
Talents: studying, science
Special Items: Her Journal
Work: Server, Welcome Committee, Clinic Helper, Student
Room: 189
Birthday: May 15 1983
Family: Nancy and Jeff Parker
Significant Other: Peter Parker
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Shiri Appleby
Tag: Liz Parker
Player Email:

Brief Biography

Liz is a kind, sweet, decent person, who is of a very logical nature. She aspires to become a scientist and spends her time waiting tables at her parents' place, the Crashdown Cafe, with her best friend Maria. Her other best friend is Alex Whitman, and together the three have always spent all of their time together, a sort of three musketeers unit. Her life gets more complicated when she gets shot and is saved by Max Evans who she learns is an alien. They fall deeply in love, but their life is thrown into chaos. She seems to have some power of Clairvoyance, but mostly pertaining to her, Max, and the other Roswell aliens. When Max from the future shows up, telling her that their love will cause the end of the world, she decides to make Max fall out of love with her. This is when she enters the Inn.


While Liz is working at her parents' restaurant, Crashdown Cafe, she is shot accidentally by two men who are having an argument. When Max saves her life by healing her gunshot wound, her life is changed forever. He puts his hand over her wound and miraculously makes the wound and bullet disappear. Realizing that there is something incredibly amazing about Max, she decides to investigate. She takes Max's pencil, which Max had been chewing on, places the saliva collected from the pencil tip on a slide, and examines the slide through a microscope. She can see that his cells are not human. When she confronts Max about everything that had happened to her and his alien cells, Max confesses to her that he is an alien that had been on the alien craft that crashed in Roswell in 1947.

The local sheriff, Jim Valenti, grows suspicious. Liz devises a plan to throw him off Max's scent. Kyle (who she is dating at the time) grows jealous and a group of his friends beat up Max. She breaks up with Kyle in response to this. Liz and Max get closer, but an incident with Michael scares Max away. He realizes that doesn't want to hurt Liz in any way. However, the two can't stay away from each other and begin to date.

Tess Harding arrives in Roswell and begins to influence Max in a strange way. They discover Tess is the fourth alien from the Roswell crash and Liz sees Max and Tess kiss and is heartbroken. Feeling that Liz is a threat to his plans, the alien protector, Nasedo, shapeshifts into Max and kidnaps her. When she kisses him, she realizes he is not Max because she has visions of his past. Liz is found in a theme park. It is here Max is taken by the FBI and tortured. Liz and the others worked to get him back.

It is discovered in the crashed ship that Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess are the Royal Four of their home planet Antar. They were all killed in their former lives by their enemy Kivar. During their deaths, their alien DNA was mixed with human DNA and sent to earth so their race could preserve the Royal Four in order for them to return some day to rule again. After realizing that Max and Tess are destined to be together and the importance of Max to his race, Liz decides to let Max go in order for him to fulfill his destiny.

She gets a new job as an intern for Congresswoman Whitaker, who later turns out to be a Skin, an enemy of Max et al. While Liz continues to have strong feelings for Max, she stands by her decision that their relationship stands in the way of his destiny. Max, on the other hand, tries everything he can to be with her.

Before Liz enters the Madonna Inn, a future version of Max appears at Liz's bedroom window. Liz is asked to help him get the modern-day Max to fall out of love with her. Future Max claims that if they don't do this, the world will end and they will all die. Liz at the end has to resort to making Max think that she slept with Kyle. This succeeds; as Max walks to the window, he sees Liz talking with Kyle in bed, which breaks Max's heart. Liz has one last dance to her future wedding song, "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow, with the Future Max, but he disappears because the future has been changed and he no longer exists.

Personal Information

School Accomplishments:
Honour student, Treasurer of West Roswell High Science Club, founder West Roswell High Society of Future Scientists


  • Moby (Kyle gave her the album)
  • You Make me Feel by Jeremy Toback
  • I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow
  • Run Lola Run Soundtrack


  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Chinese
  • Donuts & Milk
  • Steak
  • Mexican

Liz's answers for American History on herself:

Family and Friends


Friends Back Home:
Maria DeLuca
Alex Whitman

Love Life Back Home:
Kyle Valenti:

  • First kiss - last day of freshman year in the Janitor's closet at West Roswell High School

Max Evans:

  • First kiss - on her balcony outside her room
  • First date - Senior Chow, dinner, playing pool & dancing

Doug Shellow

  • First kiss - inside Chez Pierre (blind date via radio contest)

At the Inn

Currently dating Peter Parker.

Teachers Kitty Pryde science/general studies, Piotr Rasputin Art, Illyana Rasputin Russian, Pike Trickfoot Baking, Miguel Rivera Guitar.