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Lillith Anioska Daturai
by Kit Buss
Arrival date: 12.01.2017
Canon: Critical Role
Race: Tiefling
Age: 25
Eyes: blue/lavender/reddish-pink
Hair: platinum/white
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135
Innate Power: arcane magic
Skills: illusions, conjuring, arcana, history, religion, investigation
Talents: painting, art, magical items
Special Items: staff, spellbook, ring of protection, stone of sending, stone of good luck, healer's kit
Work: tbd
Room: 210 - Paris Violets
Birthday: February 15 equiv.
Horoscope: Aquarius/Pisces cusp
Family: Zahra Hydris, Kashaw Vesh, Beatrycze
Significant Other: none
Out of Character
Portrayed by: art/Nastya Zhidkova, Emilie de Ravin
Journal: Strange Palette
Tag: Lillith Daturai
Player: Allie
Player Email: Slack me!

Mistress of Illusion+

"Never use pure white; it doesn’t exist in nature." -- Aldro T. Hibbard

Lillith, like Vex, Vax'ildan, Percy, Pike, Kash, Zahra, and Scanlan hails from Exandria, the world of Critical Role. She was created and played by series artist, Kit Buss (@AnemoneTea), and played only a small role in Vox Machina's story. Even so, perhaps because her dear cousin, Zahra Hydris, became so well-loved, or perhaps because Kit sketched her so well, she has an enduring place in the canon. She arrives from a point after the one year time jump, as Kash and Zahra are leaving to battle Vecna with Vox Machina.

A lady of mystery, Lillith spends much of her time behind the veil of her illusions. In a world where a Tiefling's infernal heritage marks them always-already as outsiders, an albino Tiefling is doubly marked. That Lillith violently rejected the cruel, malicious and bloody behaviors of her family, the white sheep in a herd of black, has put a price on her head. Both for comfort and safety, Lillith only appears in her Tiefling form when the concentration she requires to hold her illusory self must be invested in another spell or when in the company of those who know and are comfortable with her shape.

What You See
EmilieR.jpg NastyaZ.jpg

Unless specifically written otherwise, the face she shows is that of a pretty, but not too pretty, pale but not albino, blue-eyed blonde. Only those with very powerful magic actively searching for the illusion will notice anything unusual (if you think your character would see it, or sense the magic, please let me know) about her. Those who can sense illusion magic will know the illusion is in place, but this does not dispel it. Important: Lillith is very skilled at staying out of touch range, but should a character bump into her, they will be able to feel her true form.

For a very few people, Lillith may adjust her illusion to show a face closer to her Tiefling form. In such cases, Lillith will appear as a very pretty, delicately featured albino woman with white hair and lavender eyes. At the Inn, because she cannot be sure no one will walk in on her, she will come to prefer this form with people who know what she is. If someone who has not seen this form runs into her in it, she may well pretend to be someone other than the Lillith they have met to preserve the fiction. If she chooses to identify herself, she will say that as an albino, she long ago learned to mask her appearance to avoid attracting undue attention. In either of these forms, she speaks with a British accent.

Now that Zahra has arrived, Lillith most often appears in her albino human form if she is not walking about as a Tiefling. My text will always indicate what you should expect to see.

What You Get

Lillith Anioska Daturai by Kit Buss
Lillith Anioska Daturai by Kit Buss

Without her glamour, Lillith has pale white skin, reddish-pink eyes that glow when she's angry, pointed ears that lay against the sides of her head, rather than up like an elf's. They are double-pierced at the lobe and cuffed on the outer rims. She has translucent pink horns that begin at her forehead, continue out to the side along her temples, then curve down behind her ears to frame her face. The ends are extremely pointed, and she often adorns them with gold tips to prevent accidents. Additionally, she has sharp fangs. Rather than human legs, hers are somewhat goat-like and terminate in hooves of the same translucent pink as her horns. She is albino, but not sun-sensitive, and, in her true form, speaks with a heavy Eastern European/Bohemian/Russian accent.

+ Section titles come from Lillith's TV Tropes entry.

Lady of Black Magic

"She knew then that white was more than a color: It was a cold, pale shade of understanding that seems to take all of your hope away." -- Vanetta Chapman


Class & Feats
Arcane Recovery - once per day, recover 7 spell slots
Illusion Savant - reduced cost for scribing illusion spells
Improved Minor Illusion - cantrip single-cast sound and image
Malleable Illusion - spells lasting 1 min or longer, illusion can be changed without recasting the spell as long as line of sight on illusion
Illusory Self - once per short or long rest, as a reaction to danger, interpose an illusion between self and threat, avoiding damage
Resilent - +1 to CON, proficiency in CON saves
Observant - +1 to WIS, lip-reading, +5 to passive INT + WIS

Lillith can prepare 18 spells per long rest. The numbers with each level are how many casting slots she has per long rest at that level. She can recover up to 7 slots, divided among spells no higher than 6th level. See Lillith's spellbook.

Equipment & Items
Ring of protection +2 AC (14)
Stone of good luck
4 standard healing potions
2 greater healing potions
1 of 2 sending stones
scholar's pack
staff & spellbook

Lillith's familiar is a fey spirit named Zvezda who most often appears as Russian blue female cat.

Red Eyes, Take Warning

“White…is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black…God paints in many colours; but He never paints so gorgeously, I had almost said so gaudily, as when He paints in white.” — G. K. Chesterton

For a person raised as she was and with as much earned wariness as she has, Lillith is fundamentally, a gentle soul. She delights in beauty and color, can spend hours simply enjoying stained glass or flower gardens, or making beautiful illusions with her magic. Books made far better companions than her sisters growing up, and she still treasures reading, whether for learning or to slip away. She will find solace in the new-to-her but familiar patterns of fairy tales and fall in love with romance novels.

Yet, for all that she is a sweetheart, Lillith does not lack teeth. Her family's demonic lineage absolutely lives in her. When there is need, she fights fiercely; she simply prefers illusions, the creation of fear or the manipulation of the environment, than the physical fighting she is not built for. She has no compunction about raising the dead, whether to send messages to those who threaten her or to be a meat-shield if she has need.

Trust comes slowly, and only from repeated action. Lies are easy, as Lillith well knows. She has spent the last many years on the run, hiding herself, and telling the truth had become an alien concept before she met Vox Machina. If she remembers how now and is more willing to meet people and give them a chance, it is due to Vox Machina, her cousin Zahra, and Zahra's beloved Kashaw. But if her heart remains good, when it would be so easy to slip, credit that to Beatrycze, the little girl she saved from her sisters' sacrifices eight years ago.

Expect Lillith to be wary, if she is not absent-minded, lost in a project. She may hide it behind the sweetness that is, for the most part, genuine, but never forget that she grew up in a very dark world, surrounded by malice and bloodshed. I guarantee that she won't.


Color. Imagine you grow up in a place of darkness and shadow, and you are pale as moon. What would delight more than color? All color. In any form, but glass and light and crystal, most especially.

Beatrycze. She is not like daughter to me. But I make promise to her, yes? Someday I take her home to the real family.

Justice. Justice is not kindness or compassion. It is fairness. Meting out punishment that is earned, or showing wisdom in dealings. It is making right what is wrong.

Magic. Like my cousin, I took refuge in study when my sisters, they were unkind. I learn much magic very fast and copy spells whenever there are scrolls. Everyday I use magic, it is how I survive. But it is also much joy.

Big, Screwed-Up Family

“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.” - Lao Tzu

Born at the black-spired, fog-shrouded seat of a noble Tiefling bloodline, Baronesa Lillith Anioska Daturai is the fourth of four sisters. The elder three, Nephitiri, Nethspira, and Bellenore, were born dark and beautiful; they obtained their magical powers through warlock pacts and maintain them through ritual sacrifices. Lillith, however, was born "strange and frail and white" with translucent pink horns and hooves, and reddish pink eyes. And while her sisters performed demonic rituals, Lillith learned to love colors and palettes and paints.

Until she was sixteen, Lillith remained unaware of her sisters' depravity. One afternoon, she heard crying from the dark off-limits areas of the Palac Lusterka. There she found a human child named Beatrycze on top of an altar waiting to be sacrificed. A horrified Lillith stole the child away, and the two fled, barely making it out of the palace to the Feywild alive. In the fight for her life, in rage and terror, Lillith ripped open Bellenore's face, causing a wound that would never properly heal. Between that and the stolen sacrifice, Lillith and Beatrycze have been on the run from the sisters' vengeance since that time.

After two years on the run, Lillith took a position as a maid servant at the palace of Uriel, Sovereign of Tal Dorei, where she waited for friends of her cousin, Zahra Hydris, in hopes they might help her and Beatrycze. When she did encounter them, it was not, as she might have hoped, in a quiet moment, but rather in the middle of a fight for their lives against Delilah and Silas Briarwood. Unwilling to see her dear cousin's friends slaughtered, Lillith revealed herself to be a Tiefling and helped them win the fight.

Grateful for her help, when a symbol of an eye flared on Lillith's chest, signifying she'd been found by those who sought her, Vox Machina took them back to Greyskull Keep at the outskirts of Emon. There, the group defeated those chasing Lillith, a Tiefling known as the Broker, a mercenary with a ruined face, and an old woman wizard. Lillith refused the warrior the "honor" of a clean death, but suggested he join the Slayer's Take to find new meaning rather than return to the service of her sisters or killing himself as he wanted to do. He said he would walk and think, and perhaps find new meaning. She also reanimated the Broker's corpse and sent him back to her sisters to deliver the message to leave her alone.

That night at Greyskull Keep, Lillith expressed enough interest in Percy that Grog and Scanlan suggested maybe they'd spent the night together, and Vex went to find them in the morning in Lillith's room first but Lillith was gone leaving only a note of thanks. Some people say there was a sexual liaison, but the truth is known only to Percy and Lillith and for now they're not talking. After collecting Beatrycze, Lillith left Emon to find her cousin, and a short while later, after the rebellion of Whitestone is ended, during the Winter's Crest festival, Lillith let Vox Machina know that she and Beatrycze are safe with Zahra, and sent Percy a set of Stones of Sending as a gift.

Lillith and Beatrycze remained with Zahra and Kash in Vassalheim, Lillith maintaining her membership in the Artist's Guild while helping her cousin collect information and magical items. She also continued to study magic with Zahra and began to work at creating magical artifacts to sell to support herself in the style to which she is no longer accustomed. Beatrycze, now nine, is being schooled by the cousins and the clergy of Erathis.

When Kash and Zahra leave for the battle against Vecna, Lillith wants desperately to join them, but the lovers remind her that Beatrycze needs her and that their family still needs defeating. She's loath to stay behind, but does and gives Zahra the other half of the Stone of Sending set that she usually shares with Beatrycze, in case the pair need help and can't cast a spell.

It is from this moment, dressed to leave, in hooded cloak and ring of protection, with stone of good luck, 4 standard healing potions, 2 greater healing potions, a healer's kit, shurikens, staff, spellbook and the other sending stone, that she arrives on the road to the Inn.

(Adapted from Kit's initial description of her & her wiki page, miscellaneous posts & supported headcanon for the missing year and after.)

Meaningful Name

"I went through an entire library studying art, artists and their critics, philosophers, too, on the meaning and significance of the color white. I dreamed of white birds and white bears. I thought about the white pages of my mother's journals. I became enthralled with John Cage and his work, 4'33”, his masterpiece of ambient sound. Rauschenberg, too." - Terry Tempest Williams

Lillith means "of the night". The Biblical Lilith (one L) was Adam's first wife, one who refused to submit to his dominion. In many traditions, Lilith is the mother of demons and fey creatures.

Anioska may refer to angels in Bohemian and Polish. Or to knowledge as "oska" seems to mean "knows". Or it may be related to Agnes, which means pure and chaste.

Daturai comes from Datura, a genus of flowers known as nightshades. Among them are "Devil's Trumpets." Nightshades are exceptionally poisonous.

Lillith's playlist by her creator, Kit Buss. I particularly like Spectrum by Florence and the Machine as a theme song.