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Katherine Anne Pryde
Arrival date: 1.1.2017
Canon: X-Men: Mekanix
Race: homo superior (human mutant)
Age: 21 on arrival; 22 now
Eyes: hazel
Hair: brown (curly if not blown straight)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Innate Power: intangibility, incorporeality, camouflage, cloaking, electrical disruption, walk on air/water
Skills: genius intellect, mechanical & computer engineering, world-class martial artist, language acquisition
Talents: modern dance, ballet
Special Items: X-uniform
Work: bartending
Room: 184: Just Heaven
Birthday: 1/15 (turning 22)
Horoscope: Capricorn
Family: X-men
Significant Other: N/A
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Natalie Portman
Tag: kitty+pryde
Player: Allie
Player Email: technosagery @ gmail

❝ I'm Jewish. I'm also a woman, an American and a Cubs fan. All of which make me a minority and an object of hatred somewhere in the world. But this is college. Here, none of that's supposed to matter! Except for that bit about the Cubs.❞



First Impressions→
Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde presents as a very pretty, dancer-lean twenty-something who probably doesn't even ping your "brainiac" button when you see her with her nose buried in a laptop. If you're a Jewish guy, she's exactly the girl your mother wants you to marry. Appearances are skin-deep in places, soul-thick in others, but Kitty Pryde is anything but a normal twenty-something. But when the world doesn't need saving, she tries.


Growing up the baby of the X-men main team, Kitty developed a peculiar combination of youngest sibling and older sibling (toward the New Mutants and later teams) traits. She both is special and expects to be acknowledged for the ways she is special. Yet she started saving the world when she was a precocious thirteen-year old mutant. Unlike most younger siblings, she never shirks responsibility and has held jobs as a teenager most people wouldn't qualify for in their thirties.

A little while ago, her father was killed when Cassandra Nova's Sentinels bombed the hell out of Genosha. Kitty still doesn't know exactly what he was doing there, but he was under investigation by the government at the time, and they've suggested he was dirty somehow. Kitty doesn't believe it, and the trauma of discovering the loss by spotting her father in the footage of the destruction weighs on her. Exhausted and angry at the regular rounds of "dead" "not dead" "dead" "not dead" with the X-men (especially her on-again off-again love interest Colossus), Kitty decided to try to have a normal life at the University of Chicago--and then that got ripped to shreds by the anti-mutant group, Purity, and some Sentinels coming in from no one knew where.

The point is that Kitty's extra sensitive to loss, grief, and prejudice as she arrives at the Madonna Inn. She's angry-as-hell, but working on it. Grief-stricken and suffering PTSD Shadowcat-style which gets sublimated as helping others. And she's going to try to reach out and befriend everyone she perceives as a vulnerable minority because she is SO over all of that.

Yet, all that said, most people won't ever see that side of Kitty. They'll see the nerdy tech girl with surprisingly good dance moves. They might see the ninja who slips through walls. But the grand-daughter of Holocaust Jewry, persecuted mutant...she'll be over there, unless you get close enough for her to let her guard down. But Kitty's good at guarded in a way a lot of more emotionally-driven types are. It doesn't make her hard or bitter. She just shuts the noise down and focuses on what she wants to do.

And what she wants to do is have a life that isn't defined by all the pieces of her without having to get rid of any of them.


Powers & Abilities→
  • phasing - basically, Kitty can make herself intangible at will. In that state, only advanced energy weapons can harm her or certain kinds of magic (eldritch, usually; Ogun's claws and Illyana's Soulsword). She can pass through matter, even humans, and if she passes through machinery, she disrupts its electrical circuits. She can phase individual body parts with a little more concentration. And she can phase up to six people at a time or objects equivalent to that mass.
  • martial arts - at one time, Kitty was possessed by Ogun which endowed her with a lifetime of training in the martial arts of Japanese ninja and samurai, such as aikido, karate, and ninjutsu. She is also trained in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga.
  • Soulsword - Kitty has been shown to have the ability to wield Illyana Rasputin's Soulsword, but no explanation has ever been given for this ability.
  • Telepathic resistance- while phased, Kitty is resistant to telepathy unless she allows contact
  • Dance - she is a professional-level dancer in both ballet and modern dance.
  • Languages - fluent English, Japanese, Russian, and the royal and standard languages of the alien Shi'ar and Skrull, and has moderate expertise in Gaelic, Hebrew, and German.
  • Genius - polymath with a genius level intellect. Although she's most proficient with computers and particle physics, she's interested in everything, and knows more than a little about most things.
  • Bartending - While studying at the University of Chicago, Kitty learned to bartend and discovered both that she was good at it, and that she loves it. It's shown her that over the years, she's become a very good listener and observer.



  • Learning. Everything. Especially science.
  • Doing what's right.
  • Dance.


  • Intellectual arrogance - Kitty assumes she knows best and she will go ahead with projects without consulting with others, especially if the others aren't at her skill level. It's been tempered in recent years, but she could easily become obsessed with a project that backfired and put people in danger. Or just failed spectacularly.
  • Anger and resentment - Kitty's anger has defined her in recent years. It finally bubbled to the surface as activism a few weeks ago, and she's committed to trying to get better. But being dumped into a pocket dimension with no technology to get them out isn't going to help. We've already seen her trip over herself with Snow White, trying to bond over being ethnically Other and misinterpreting social discomfort as anti-Semitism. I expect to see this boil over when there are situations in OtherWorlds that step on her oppression triggers, possibly with her taking the side of a group that seems benign and oppressed and not hearing arguments to the contrary until it's almost too late.
  • Sensitivity - Because Kitty was the "baby sister" for so long, she's really sensitive to people not taking her seriously because she's young. She's also sensitive to insults or perceived insults (see anger and resentment). It often interacts badly with her anger/resentment resulting in a hair-trigger temper. Fortunately, she usually has very very good control over physical expressions of anger and isn't prone to random violence. This, however, could easily trigger her competitive streak (see intellectual arrogance) or goad her into unwise decisions.


Like most comic book superheroes, Kitty Pryde's history is a conglomeration of the impossible, the implausible, the archetypal, and the ridiculous. For immediate purposes, what's important to know is:
  • her powers manifested when she was 13 and she successfully convinced Professor X to let her stay on the X-Men even after he formed a teen team. At that time she was called Ariel, Sprite, and Kitten, or Katja by Colossus.
  • she was possessed by a ninja demon named Ogun who gave her an entire lifetime's worth of martial arts training, which she retained even after she and Wolverine successfully defeated him and she ended her run as a ninja-assassin.
  • she returned to the X-men, took the name Shadowcat, and dated Colossus for a little while until he fell for the alien woman Zsaji.
  • she was near-fatally wounded by Harpoon's energy spear during the Morlock segment of the Mutant Massacre arc, became pure energy and began to destabilize. Reed Richards wouldn't help at first, so the X-Men went to Dr. Doom. The X-Men and the FF almost killed each other, but Franklin Richards and Lockheed stopped it. Kitty was saved.
  • while she was recovering in Scotland, the X-Men sacrificed themselves to defeat "the Adversary", including Colossus; they were resurrected but Kitty wasn't told about it, to protect the team. She joined Excalibur, a British team, and became involved with Pete Wisdom.
  • she was recruited by SHIELD to repair their computer network which she discovered had been hacked by the spirit of Ogun. She and Wolverine purged the spirit, she broke up with Pete, and went home.
  • while tracking Mystique, she found and recovered one of Destiny's (Irene Adler) prophetic diaries. It remained in her possession, but it does not accompany her to the Madonna Inn.
  • she disappeared for six month on Genosha while trying to find what had happened to/with her father and came back with an incredibly bad attitude and an even worse haircut.
  • when Colossus apparently died again, Kitty left the team and went to the University of Chicago.

Kitty's most recent history takes place in Chicago where Kitty attended the University of Chicago's Robert A. Heinlein School for Engineering and Astrophysics on a full scholarship, but lived off-campus and paying her rent by working at her neighbor's bar, the Belles of Hell. Her father was killed on Genosha when Cassandra Nova's Sentinels attacked. She got into an incident with a fellow student for which she was required to attend therapy or leave school. Shortly after, the anti-mutant Purity group began outing mutants on campus and targeted the lab where Kitty worked. At the same time, some Sentinels arrived in the port of Chicago and began attacking mutants. Together with Shan (Karma), Shola Inkose, and a human friend, Kitty was able to rescue her classmates and professor from a Purity-triggered meltdown in the lab that nearly killed them and, after trapping a Sentinel inside a wall, eventually defeated the Sentinels by trapping them in a shelter that Shola collapsed using his telekinesis.

When the police investigated, all of Kitty's classmates told the police that they were mutants to protect Kitty. In large part because of their loyalty, Kitty stayed at school, attempting to continue a "normal" non-superhero life--until she arrived here.
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