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Kashaw Vesh
from Critical Role
The Cleric
Arrival Date: 5/15/17
Age: 25
Birthdate: 7/1 - Cancer

Height: 6'
Weight: 180
Hair: Light golden brown
Eyes: One blue, one gold
Build: ripped
Complexion: Caucasian normal, slightly tan
Accent: Will Friedle's

People of Note: Vax'ildan, Percy de Rolo, Vex'ahlia, Pike Trickfoot, Lillith Daturai, Trinket, Zahra Hydris, Vesh, Snow White, Molly Carpenter, Curnen Overbay,

Sting of the Hundred - Kashaw Vesh
Player: Allie
Portrayed by
Greyston Holt

Theme Song:
by Leonard Cohen

The Balance:
I believe in Life

I agree with you about the inevitability of the universe, it’s just that it’s inevitably always shit.

Knight in Sour Armor+

It's KASH-aw, as in cash awe.++

Kash, like Vax'ildan and Percy de Rolo, hails from Exandria, the world of Critical Role. Unlike Vax, he is human, and unlike Percy, he's anything but noble. Yet the strife of their world has marked him as deeply as his allies. In his case, those shadow markings are immediately visible in the form of the 100 one-inch scars on his right arm, and in the mismatched blue and gold eyes. Where Vax is playful, and Percy a recluse, Kash is a grump and a troll. In general, he's impatient and brusque, sarcastic and tends not to want to connect--but don't let that fool you. Kash is both a knight and a healer, and fierce champion of Life and Light. If NuTrek's "Bones" were a DnD character, he'd pretty much be Kash.

+ Section Titles come from Kash's TV Tropes Entry.
++ Subheadings come from Critical Role.

Even the Guys Want Him

You are very attractive!
Not a huge man, Kash nevertheless has a powerful physique and striking appearance. One of the bright yellow eyes he was born with has turned an equally intense blue. He rarely smiles, except at Z, and occasionally members of Vox Machina, which makes him appear even more driven than he is. He wears a leather cord around his brow and his sandy brown hair in a fighter's braid. His right arm is covered in 100 one inch scars, and his right shoulder bears a Slayer's Take brand.

The Strategist

You are very handsome and capable... I'm an admirer!
Skills: Insight, Religion, Medicine, History

Proficiencies: Light, medium, heavy armor; simple weapons; shields
Languages: Common, Giant

Class: Life Cleric

  • Disciple of Life - +2 + spell level added to healing spells
  • Blessed Healer - +2 + spell level hp to Kash when healing others
  • Channel Divinity: Turn Undead, Destroy Undead, Preserve Life
  • Divine Strike: + 1d8 radiant damage to attacks
  • Divine Intervention: must roll lower than 13 to succeed.
So what's that mean? Basically, he's a powerful healer, he can do extra damage in battle especially against undead, and he NEVER uses Divine Intervention because he Does Not Want Vesh showing up.

It also means that he can sanctify, bless, marry, etc. Please ask him to perform your religious rituals. He'll hate me for it.


  • Cantrips (cast at will) - Light, Sacred Flame, Thaumaturgy, Guidance, Spare the Dying
  • Domain Spells (Life spells, always prepared) - Bless, Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon, Beacon of Hope, Revivify, Death Ward, Guardian of Faith
  • Other Spells (can prepare 18 from the Cleric Spell List, up to Level 7), his standard prep: L1 - Command, Guiding Bolt, Healing Word, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith; L2 - Blindness/Deafness, Hold Person, Locate Object, Prayer of Healing, Silence, Enhance Ability; L3 - Mass Healing Word, Sending;** L4 - Locate Creature, Geas; L5 - Mass Cure Wounds, Greater Restoration; L6 - Heal.

For specific descriptions of spells, check the SRD. In general, Kash can be a night light, cure wounds, diseases, poisons, stabilize the dying, raise the recently dead, kill things with magic, protect things with magic, affect perceptions with magic, find things with magic, and generally be a pain in the ass with magic. When he is casting a spell in a thread, I will follow D&D conventions and roll dice where it's called for to see if the spells work and how well.

A special note about Sending: Technically, this spell allows messages to be sent and received from any plane or dimension with a 5% chance of failure if sender and receiver are not in the same dimension. Because of the nature of this game, this spell works 100% whenever Kash and receiver are in the same plane, 5% fail if one of them is in an OtherWorld and the other is in the Inn, and a 95% fail rate to send to anywhere else. He can try to send messages to people he knows, outside these planes, but he has to roll a 5 or lower on a d100 for it to work. Guess how often that's going to happen.

What this means to you: please don't die. Revivifying people requires the destruction of a very expensive diamond, and he only has two. However, as long as you get to him within a minute, he can fix you even if you're technically dead. Think of it like the difference between your heart stopping temporarily and you being flatline for awhile. Since Kash is also fairly competent with non-magical healing, he'll use whatever he feels is appropriate.

What this means to Vox Machina and any friends: Kash has nothing to do with the majority of his spells. Please do expect him to be a troll.

What I'd love for this to mean to Kash: Kash can do a lot of things that he'd really rather not. Like find your missing pen, pet, heal a wounded animal, make someone tell the truth, and so on. Please, pretty please, ask me to make him do stuff that will annoy him.

Equipment & Items
  • Platemail of Fire Resistance (halves damage from fire)
  • Ring of Protection (+1 AC and saving throws)
  • Sentinel Shield (advantage on initiative and perception)
  • Shadow Spear (+6 necrotic damage)
  • Spear +2 (+2 to attack and damage)
  • Holy symbol (he keeps this hidden under his clothes)
  • a pair of Zahra's glasses
  • an unsigned contract with the Slayer's Take
  • note paper, pen and ink with plans for Siege of Emon
  • 2 diamonds worth 100 gp each for Revivifying

The Jerk with the Heart of Gold

Then we're in real trouble because I have an attitude about everything.

Zahra says people really don't like Kash, which is fine, because he really doesn't like them. All right, that's a lie. He doesn't like most people and they don't like him, but he does care. This often plays out in him being - eh - kind of a grumpy asshole. He's that guy who you don't want to ask for help, because he's going to be a dick about it, but you ask anyway, because he's pretty much always going to say yes if you have the right reasons for asking.

Kash also has a hard time connecting with people. Zahra's taught him the value of it, and he does feel a bond to Vox Machina, partly via Keyleth, but also Vax and Vex at this point. He's hated the person most intimate with him (Vesh) since he found out what and who she is. It makes him distrustful and fearful about making bridges. In particular, any specter of evil around a person will make him cagey and possibly downright intractable. In practice, he tends to take his cues from the people he does trust, so it mitigates his own misgivings.

Kash knows who he is and is very comfortable in it. However, he's comfortable in a way that others consider hidebound, stodgy, grumpy, irascible. He's not really open to change or to new people; it's something that happens in spite of his desires. That said, once something does change, Kash generally accepts it with good grace. Part of being who he is means keeping as much light, goodness and healing in his life as possible. It doesn't leave a lot of room for being at odds with people or things. So Kash may grump and pretend to hold grudges, constantly harp on things that happened, but there's no bite in the bark. It's long since forgiven. He just can't pass up the opportunity to needle people a little. IOW, he's not mad, he's just exasperated.



Kash doesn't believe in Vesh, his goddess, he believes in life itself. Life is his passion. Not in the way of living large, like Phryne, but in protecting and fostering life - not that he would phrase it that way. He has a particular hatred of undead and unnatural things, as they're a perversion of life.


Cliche as it may be, Zahra is his other passion. He loves her with a purity and singleness that has nothing to do with sex and romance, even if they're currently involved. Z is his balance as much as he is Vesh's. She's also his protector in a way, because she gets him and knows him and can kick him when he's being an ass, but she knows when he needs her to kick someone for him. He's kind of a cinnamon roll that way.

Vesh is also a passion. But not in a positive way. He hates her with the kind of purity that you only get when you have loved something with your whole heart only to discover that it is pure evil. In a very real sense, Kash's passion is keeping Vesh and her influence the fuck out of this world.

Dark and Troubled Past

a massive understatement

A village-born human with two bright yellow eyes, Kashaw married to the goddess Vesh at the moment of his birth. He was chosen and trained to be a healer to balance her dark presence because the universe couldn't tolerate someone with her darkness in it. On his fifteenth name day, Vesh came to consummate the marriage. During a ceremony known as the Sting of the Hundred, he made the first 50 cuts in his right arm and then Vesh made the next 50. Her sweat mingled with his blood, and he gained all of her memories, which is when he learned she was basically Death. He is the only being left who knows her, because she slaughtered everyone else. He tried to kill her, and he hasn't seen her since.

  Not much is known about his life, either before the consummation of his marriage or after, until he encountered Vox Machina in Vasselheim. Bound by an obligation to the Slayer's Take (a guild of monster hunters), "Brother Kash" was teamed with Keyleth (a half-elf druid), Vax'ildan (a half-elf rogue), and Tiberius Stormwind (a dragonborn sorcerer) of Vox Machina, and Thorbir (a very grumpy dwarf), and charged with tracking down an extraplanar tiger-demon (rakshasa) that had been killing wealthy travelers in the city. 

  Together, the group tracked the rakshasa (Hotis) to the Velvet Cabaret in the Duskmeadow District (consecrated to the Raven Queen, a different goddess of death) where it was posing as a dwarf. The group pursued Hotis through the tunnels beneath the Velvet Cabaret and eventually, after destroying the team's much-beloved Carpet of Flying, Kash having asked "is she always like this?" of Keyleth repeatedly, and Thorbir getting his axe stuck several times, managed to defeat it. 

  When they returned to the Slayer's Take to receive their rewards, Kash gave his portion to be split among the others. His obligation fulfilled, he had no desire to stay. Before leaving, he turned to Keyleth, said, "You might be the most annoying person I've ever met," then reeled her in, kissed her, released her and walked away with a wink. 

  For the next several months, Kash remained in Vasselheim where he bonded with Zahra, the Tiefling warlock who had helped the other half of Vox Machina, with their Take-trial. Zahra was the first real friend Kash had ever had, and she showed him what it was like to have a family. Vox Machina then returned on a quest for Vestiges of Divergence to defeat the Chroma Conclave and solicited Zahra and Kash's help. 

  While adventuring to Marrowglade Loch to find The Champion of the Raven Queen's armor, Kash apologized to Keyleth for stealing the kiss, because it wasn't his to take. Their journey took them beneath the surface of the lake to the tomb of Purvan Suul. After defeating a strange, slime-covered beholder, Percy set off a trap that killed Vex'halia. Initially reluctant out of fear of calling Vesh's attention, Kash performed the Revivify spell because Keyleth would want him to. With the help of his allies, Kash brought Vex'halia back and Vax pledged himself to the Raven Queen.

  At Zahra's urging, Kash and Zahra returned with Vox Machina to Whitestone where they began preparing for attacks on the Chroma Conclave. Kash and Zahra continued to grow closer and both worked on their personal projects. Hotis attacked the castle that night, in the disguise of Gilmore. After that mess was cleaned up, Vox Machina found a mostly naked Kash covered in blood, leaning against his spear, and no assassins in sight.

  When Vox Machina left Whitestone again, Kash took on training civilian recruits to fight more effectively, but as Percy later pointed out, they would never be an army; just a bunch of people who would die horribly in a dragon attack, no matter how they tried. Having seen his own village perish, Kash felt beholden to try--yet when asked to take a message to "the frozen-ass north" and get a contract from Huntmaster Vanessa at the Take, he (sarcastically, as ever) jumped at the chance. 

  The plan was: go to Vasselheim, ask Vanessa to locate a badass beast that might tempt Vorugal the Frigid Doom, return to Whitestone with a contract for Vox Machina and friends to hunt the beast, and use the beast to wear down the Frigid Doom before killing it. What actually happened, was all of those things, plus awkwardness with Keyleth, right up to where Vox Machina killed the Frigid Doom without the beast they'd sent Kash to Vasselheim to find. And when they told him, he threw them all out of his room, seriously annoyed. 

  Despite the annoyance, or possibly because of it, Kash stayed in Whitestone with Zahra to keep preparing the city for an attack. Mostly, he wanted to be with Z and fight beside her if it came to that. Z seduced him--not like it was hard; he fucking adores the woman--and when Vox Machina returned to get their help again, he finally put his entire self into the battle against Thordak and showed off a true gift for battle strategy/tactics. Together, he and Zahra took on a team of fire giant gate guardians while Vox Machina took on Thordak the Cinder King.

  Kash arrives at the Inn bloodied from battle, moments after learning Thordak is dead and Vox Machina is alive.


Running Gag

Is she always like this?++

What are you looking at?: a Kashaw Vesh playlist with meta by Will Friedle.
Nailed it: so much of what I think about Kash is right here.