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Jane Doe
from Blind Spot
Alice Kruger
Arrival Date: February 15
214 – Victorian Garden
Age: 30
Birthdate: March 12

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: hazel
Build: fit
Complexion: pale
Accent: non-descript

People of Note: None when she arrives

http://st_artingpoint.dreamwidth.org - jane+doe
Player: Lisa
Portrayed by
Jaimie Alexander

Theme Song:
by Halsey


"Everything just feels so out of control. I don’t remember who I am or who I was. Whatever life I had is gone, shattered into a million tiny pieces.”


Jane Doe was born Alice Kruger in Pretoria, South Africa. When she was five years old her parents were murdered for being anti-apartheid activists. She and her brother, Ian, were taken to an orphanage. It wasn’t a typical orphanage, it was actually a training ground to turn children into soldiers to defend South Africa. She excelled at the lessons and was the first of the other children to follow the assignment of killing a rabbit they’d been given as pets.

When the ‘orphanage’ was shut down there was an order to free the children except for Alice and Ian who were considered too dangerous. Instead of being killed, they were adopted by a soldier named Shepherd and given a new life and new names. Alice was now Remi and Ian became Roman.

They grew up under the guidance of Shephard, still being trained to be soldiers. This time instead of fighting to defend South Africa, they were fighting for Project ‘Sandstorm’. A name the NSA gave the group. It is a group founded by Shepherd to fight the negligence and the indifference by the US government. Their main goal is to end the corruption.

Remi became a highly trained operative, skilled in hand to hand combat and marksmanship. Though not a Navy SEAL, she was trained like one. She speaks multiple languages, including Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian and Arabic. She was part of Project Orion. Orion was a code name for a CIA-sanctioned group for illegal operations. It was created by the CIA so they could accomplish off-the-books operations. It was shut down by the Deputy Director of the CIA and an attack squad was sent in. They killed everyone in Orion except for Remi. It was after this that the plan to have a volunteer tattooed and ZIPped came in to play with Remi volunteering.

ZIP is a Zeta Interacting Protein, an experimental drug used with PTSD victims. When used in small doses it can erase selective memories. However, Remi’s body was flooded with the drug erasing all of her memories. As Dr. Borden describes her, “Her narrative memory has been obliterated. But her procedural memory still seems to be intact.

She will arrive at the Madonna Inn just after using ZIP and having her memory wiped. She will be in a duffle bag and be completely nude, covered in tattoos.

Jane emerging


Life at Madonna

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