James Hathaway

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James Hathaway
"I'm not smug, ma'am; it's just the unfortunate shape of my face."
At A Glance
Canon : Lewis
Arrival : April 1, 2018
Room : Whispering Hills
Birthdate : May 26, 1978
Age : 32
Height : 6'-3"
Build : Athletic
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Accent : English 'posh'
Alt Names : WC (Wolfgang Christ), Attaway
Portrayed By : Laurence Fox
People : NONE
Status : Single
dw : st_james
tag : james hathaway
Player : Heather
Time Zone : PST

Hathaway grew up on an estate near Oxford, Crevcour Hall, the son of the estate manager he mixed with those from the house but was never quite one of them fitting in well with neither the children of the servants nor those of the lord of the manor. Thanks to his own intelligence and likely the generosity of the marques Hathaway was sent to Harrow at age 12 leaving behind his parents and sister Nell. As would be a trend in his life he was considered aloof and a bit apart by the other boys at school, who called him Wolfgang Christ - because he didn't know whether he wanted to be Mozart or Jesus. He then went on to study at Cambridge, going away to college despite his mother being in poor health choosing to stay away rather than return to Crevcour Hall. At Cambridge he studied theology, and was a member of the rowing team, picking up yet another nickname - Attaway Hathaway.

He made his mark at Cambridge, to the point where his name is familiar to theologians at Oxford, and he was recruited by MI-5, but he had other plans and following completion of his degree he returned to Oxford and joined the seminary with the intent to become a priest. During this time an old friend came to him struggling with his homosexuality, and James' by the 'book' response sent the other man deeper into self loathing that would eventually end tragically. Disgust at his own blind faith and remorse at having met a please for help with heartless scripture-based condemnation ultimately led to him leaving the seminary.

Seeking a place for himself in the world he applied to the police and soon found himself the right had to a prickly, not entirely by the book DI named Lewis after his own DI was shopped for driving under the influence. His educational background and obvious intelligence often result in him being described as a funny sort of policeman but his erudite and deep thinking approach to crime solving ends up being a good compliment to Lewis' more experienced go with your gut kind of detection.

Personality & Mannerisms

A generally kind and deliberative person Hathaway can also be pricky, cold and particularly unkind when he gets his back up. He is a chain-smoking, moody and emotionally buttoned-up man of deep faith who struggles to figure out where religion and God fit into his new life. He is often considered posh, or smug by other coppers, though he insists that it is just the shape of his face that lends this impression. His humor is dry, and his temper even - unless you steal his guitar. He likes music, fine wine, is a closet arachnophobe and often finds himself entangled with women he'd be better off staying away from.

His clothes tend toward three piece suits that are well tailored and generally in impeccable condition. In his off duty hours you'd be just as likely to find him in jeans and an henley or band t-shirt. He has no tattoos and if you want to know about piercings you'll have to get to know him better.

Special Abilities

None. Generic (if highly intelligent) human.