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Illyana Nikolaevna Rasputin(a)
aka Magik
Arrival date: 7.1.2017
Canon: New Mutants (2011)
Race: homo superior (human mutant)
Age: 23
Eyes: blue
Hair: long, blonde, bangs
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Innate Power: travel between dimensions aka teleportation, magik
Learned Skills: languages, arcane & demon lore, potion making, battle tactics, library sciences
Special Items: soulsword, eldritch armor, power suppressing restraints
Employment: librarian, possible magic instructor
Residence: 115: Desert Sands
Birthday: 10/27
Horoscope: scorpio
Family: Piotr Rasputin, Kitty Pryde
Significant Other: N/A
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Amy Smart
Tag: illyana+rasputin
Player: MeL
Player Email: meliorationale @ gmail

❝ I want a life. I want to be a person with a life. If I am going to have any hope of that, I need my friends to trust me again. You will not screw this up for me.❞



First Impressions→
There's something immediately unsettling about the severe young woman with the cutting blue eyes. Her long, straight blonde hair with blunt-chopped bangs would be cute on a child or chic on a pop singer, but it looks dangerous with her mostly impassive, seldom-smiling face. Petite but toned with muscle, she carries herself more like a mercenary than a girl. But she's not that, either. Illyana's a survivor. She's what happens when a child is raised by demons - and claws her way out of hell.


Sorceress Supreme and queen of demons, Illyana is a hard one to know. She doesn't generally make small talk. She can be pragmatic to the point of immorality. She is by turns stoic, aloof, judgmental and plain 'ol grumpy. She can also be sympathetic (if not necessarily empathetic), when it suits her. She does, in fact, have a sense of humor - black and wry and dry as it may be. Illyana is well aware that she is the product of circumstances that would have driven nearly anyone else raving mad, and that she's not 'right' in the sense of what passes for normal amongst mortals, and will never again be quite 'right.' But she would like to try feeling human, for a change.

And beneath the armor of her usually impassive demeanor, she does actually care about things. Even people. Yes, those. The ones that deserve to be cared about, anyway.


Powers & Abilities→
  • Teleportation - Illyana can teleport herself (and others, including objects) via glowing portals. Extended use of her teleportation abilities will tire and eventually exhaust her, and the further she travels/larger the cargo/less familiar she is with the destination, the less control she has over the ‘port.

Teleportation Limitations - While Illyana can move about the property of the Inn (or connected Otherworlds) with ease, she is prevented from teleporting to any other places. The Inn's borders are of such power that Illyana can't bring other sentient beings - say, demons - through with her from Limbo. Furthermore, the Inn exerts a powerful pull that forces Illyana to use a great deal of energy when she leaves the plane of the Inn for Limbo. While she can still travel between the two places, it would completely exhaust her to remain in Limbo for more than hours at a time - and in that case, she'd end up popping back to the Inn anyway.

  • Soulsword - Literally a piece of Illyana's soul forged into a powerful blade by her will. She can summon the weapon seemingly from thin air. She is skilled in armed combat and team maneuvers.
  • Eldritch Armor - Magical in nature, but it looks quite like her brother's organic steel skin in appearance, with some dramatic embellishments. She generally prefers to wear a single arm in armor fitted to a pauldron over one shoulder (and uses it like a buckler in combat) rather than wearing an entire suit.
  • Soul Bond - Kitty Pryde met Illyana at a very interesting time in her life... The two share a nebulous but powerful connection, through which they can sense only muted impressions of one another in mind and mood. Through this bond, Kitty is able to call the Soulsword into her own hand.
  • Passive Psionic Shielding - Developed through Illyana's decidedly traumatic experiences in Limbo. Even very powerful telepaths are unable to read her mind. She has learned to actively open her mind at will, but why would she?
  • Languages - Russian (mother tongue), English, Latin, and less extensive familiarity with a number of other human languages. She has studied a great many more arcane languages.
  • All the Magic - Though teleportation, soul-magik, and all things demonic are her strengths, Illyana knows or is vaguely familiar with many spells, rituals, supernatural beings, potions, enchantments, etc., and has both a vast library and arcane laboratory in Limbo.

Caution - Illyana does not perform healing or life magic of any kind. You really wouldn't want her to. The results have always been unsettling.



  • Learning. Especially magic.
  • Fighting.
  • Becoming a Real Girl.


  • Independent to A Fault
  • Her Ends Always Justify Her Means
  • Not Exactly Evil, But Definitely Dark
  • Doesn't People Well - Commonly Cold, Aloof, and/or Abrasive


Illyana was born on the Ust-Ordynski Collective farm, near Lake Baikal, Siberia, to Nikolai Rasputin and his wife Alexandra Natalya Rasputina. Illyana's two older brothers, Mikhail Nikolaievitch Rasputin and Piotr Rasputin were also born mutants, but Illyana was born fated for things stranger still. At the tender age of six years old, Illyana was abducted into Limbo, a parallel plane often identified as "hell," a dimension shaped of twisted magic and ruled by hordes of warring demons. The all-powerful demon sorcerer Belasco that ruled the realm had drawn her in, and although she was gone for no more than moments by Earthly reckoning, she experienced more than a decade of life in Limbo as Belasco's apprentice, prisoner, and burgeoning spell component.

When Illyana re-appeared on the mortal plane, she was suddenly sixteen years old, and her fate inextricably tied with that of Limbo. Needless to say, it brought herself and her family great frustration. Piotr was already at Xavier's school, and it was determined that she would be placed with a younger group known as the New Mutants rather than be sent back to a home she barely remembered. She took the codename of Magik, and fought all manner of foes as a New Mutant. Her first roommate in the world of humankind was Kitty Pryde, and Kitty's willingness to encourage the strange girl Illyana had become forged an intimate bond of friendship between them. While Illyana stayed with the New Mutants for some years, the group eventually went their separate ways. The exact details are terrible, convoluted and confusing, but suffice it to say that Illyana has died and been reborn more than once, invaluable in matters of magic and fending off attacks from the demons of Limbo.

During Illyana's rebirth following the events surrounding the House of M, Belasco seized the opportunity to drag Illyana back to him, blocking out many of her memories and forcing her into her demon-aspect known as the "Darkchilde". He soon realized that even though she had been revived from death in body, she could not have more than one soul, and he cast her out to the fringes of Limbo for disappointing him. But pieces of her soul, previously fractured by Belasco for his spellwork, were still out there, somewhere... Cyclops welcomed Illyana's return to the X-Men base of Utopia island near San Francisco, as did most of her former New Mutants teammates that she had been reunited with, but she was decidedly changed from the person they remembered for lack of her soul.

Upon discovering that the Elder Gods (think Cthulu-level monstrosity deities) were in place to breach the planes and descend upon Earth, Magik effectively manipulated the X-Men and the god-like mutant Legion for the sake of defeating the Elder Gods and reclaiming her lost soul. Cyclops confronted her with a small army of X-Men afterward, deciding that she was too powerful and too untrustworthy - that she must be imprisoned for everyone's safety. While Illyana remained unrepentant and insisted she was no longer a threat, she accepted his decision and willingly allowed herself to be confined with power-and-magic-suppression bonds in a genuine attempt to earn back the trust of the X-Men. She found herself whiling away the months in the X-Brig 2, an ultra-high-security site constructed 500 feet below the sea level of San Francisco Bay specifically to contain Magik or other prisoners with the problematic combination of magical and mutant abilities.

Or she was, until she suddenly found herself somewhere very pink.

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