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"I guess a thousand years of chivalry is hard to shake."
At A Glance
Canon : Lost Girl
Arrival : March 1, 2017
Room : Old Mexico
Birthdate : 1500 years ago, give or take.
Age : Older than you
Height : 6'-3"
Build : Athletic
Hair : Reddins Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Accent : Gaelic/Canadian
Alt Names : NONE
Portrayed By : Kris Holden Ried
People : Regina Mills, Bo Dennis
Status : Single
dw : st_arknaked
tag : dyson
Player : Heather
Time Zone : PST

Dyson is Light Fae, and in his own way, is just as mysterious as Bo with his own complicated and not altogether pleasant history that he rarely speaks of. He spent at least two centuries as a warrior for the Light fae in the new world having come over with the Blood King imigrants and bears the scars of that and his long history as a lone wolf physically and emotionally.

A veteran detective on the human police force, he and partner Hale (a siren) use their combined skills to quietly protect the secret of Fae existence from inadvertent human discovery. This brings him into contact with rogue-Fae Bo who has killed a man in the Light territory. He quickly tracks her down and takes her before the Ash, the head of the Light fae clan. It is decided that she will be tested by both the Light and Dark fae, something she has little hope of surviving, and if she passes she will be given the choice that all fae are given at a young age - choose a side.

On his own conscience he takes it upon himself to do what he can to assist her in her test, letting her feed from him to increase her strength before the battle and giving her brief but useful advice on how to win. When she declares herself neutral between the clans he grudgingly agrees watch out for her and explain the complex Fae rules even as she proceeds to break them all. With Trick, to who he long ago swore his fealty, he knows that what is coming for Bo is more complicated, and more dangerous than she can foresee.

When Bo is badly wounded and in need of a feed to heal he offers himself which is the beginning of an increasingly complicated and intense love-hate, sexually destructive relationship with the succubus. Despite pushing her away emotionally, and telling her their casual arrangement has to end (at the behest of Trick who knows that his friend cannot love the woman and lie to her at the same time) he is incapable of turning her away when she comes to him even at the cost of his own health.

Secrets he's keeping, the increasingly difficult time he finds himself having balancing fae business, police business and Bo put his life in a spin that he barely keeps from rapidly going out of control and he finds himself offering to make the greatest sacrifice he can to protect Bo from her mother. He goes to the Norn and offers his wolf, but instead to save the woman he loves he sacrifices that love - and in fact as he will come to realize in time, his ability to love anyone.

Realizing what has happened he distances himself from Bo, and soon finds himself in an intense relationship with a woman from his past, the widow of his best friend and his former queen. But despite wishing to love her and building a life with her he is forced to realize that he cannot love Ciara. He cannot love anyone, as wolves mate for life and relinquishing his love for Bo to save her from Aife has left a hole inside him that can never be filled.

when he is forced to admit to Ciara that as much as he wishes he could he can never love her she leaves him. Making his isolation complete his own anger and recklessness result in losing his position with the police and pushes away Hale and Bo, and even separates him from Trick. An encounter with an Underfae who feeds on the despair and hopelessness of others, convincing them to kill themselves, leaves him raw and empty and even more alone as he takes off on his motorcycle to parts unknown. And that is when he finds himself at the Madonna Inn.

Personality & Mannerisms

Dyson is stoic, proud, ruthless, inescapably masculine, and definitely not easily given to love preferring to be solitary and unattached which makes his feelings for Bo even more remarkable. He's old, at least a dozen centuries, most of that time spent as a warrior for the Light, a lone wolf without pack, King or clan and another half century as a cop. He is an alpha male, literally and figuratively; powerful, couraegous, possessive, protective and naturally aggressive with a short fuse. His loyalties are varied but deeply held. He is loyal to the Ash as all Light fae are but his true fealty based on a long ago promise lies with Trick.

Special Abilities

His species is fae, specifically he is a shifter and can change at will into a wolf. When in his human for he has the heightened senses of a wolf, particularly his sense of smell and can identify human versus fae and track by scent alone. He has increased speed and strength but must shift partially or fully to truly utilize his abilities. In addition centuries spent as a warrior, and decades as a cop have made him a skilled soldier and talented detective. When partially shifted his canines elongate and his eyes go yellow, when fully shifted he has the form of a large Red Wolf (Canis rufus). He has the tattoo of his clan on his left shoulder; a rectangle with a symbol inside it that looks like an E with four uneven legs and a tribal sun with writing in the lycanthrope language along the left side of his spine from between his shoulder blades to the small of his back. This writing is his story, souvenirs of battles he's been in and lords he's had fealty to.