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Clarice Fong AKA Blink
Clarice wiki.jpg
Arrival date: May 1, 2018
Canon: The Gifted
Race: Mutant
Age: mid twenties
Eyes: green
Hair: black with hint of purple
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120 lbs
Innate Power: teleportation
Skills: making Sentinel Services look like idiots
Talents: protective smart ass
Special Items: mutant collar
Work: TBD
Room: Buffalo Room
Birthday: April 10
Horoscope: Ares
Family: Mutant Underground
Significant Other: N/A
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Jamie Chung
Journal: st_rongernow
Tag: clarice+fong
Player: Leslie
Player Email: valorgrl @ gmail dot com


Life for mutants was always hard, but for people like Clarice, that couldn’t pass for human, it was a lot harder. She spent her teenage years in a foster home in Georgia on a small country road, Burn Hill. It was run by a couple, Carl and Denise, who took in mutants that couldn’t pass for humans. They were good people, but their idea of keeping them safe was to hide them away. It chafed on sixteen year old Clarice and she bailed.

July 15, 2013, life was forever changed. A peaceful mutant rights march in Dallas, Texas turned into violence with deaths on both sides. The X-men disappeared shortly after and anti-mutant laws took effect. The National Guard stormed an orphanage in Atlanta. Sadly, one of the kids lost control of their powers and destroyed a whole area. That incident triggered the now famous Oakwood Riots, which made it even harder for mutants like Clarice to find work and to live peacefully. Hate groups began to flourish, the more prominent one being, the Purifiers.

She flew under the radar for a couple of years and even managed to get a job as a dishwasher in Athens, Georgia. Unfortunately, while on a date with her boyfriend, the Purifiers found a target for their hate – Clarice. They spray painted Mutie on the side of her car and torched it. She was basically run out of town after that and it pissed her off. It pissed her off enough that she found some people that were pushing back, it was the Brotherhood. Clarice never joined, she just helped them with a few things and when they asked her to do something she wasn’t down with, she bailed.

On the run from her past and the Purifiers, Clarice lived on the streets until she was arrested for opening a portal in the back of a grocery store and stealing food to eat. She was taken to a mutant detention center where she escaped by making a portal.

"I know no mutant has ever escaped before. What can I say, I'm different."


While running from the Atlanta Police Department and Sentinel Services, the mutant underground in Atlanta heard what happened and came to her rescue in an abandoned warehouse. The rescue wasn’t without complications when John, Lorna and Marcos found her. As they were trying to escape toward a car in an alley, cops shot at Marcos and captured Lorna, Marcos' girlfriend. It got a lot more complicated after that when there was an incident at a high school with teen mutants. They couldn't go after Lorna because it was way too hot and people would get killed, but then Marcos made a deal with the father of the Strucker teens, a prosecutor for the state against mutants.

John: "What? Why didn't you tell me?"
Clarice: "Because he told me not too.... Then I got to thinking about how I owe his girlfriend and she'd be pissed if he died."

Clarice and John found Marcos and the Struckers, just as Sentinel Services cornered them, and unleashed their robots. They couldn't outrun them and they were trapped. In desperation, Clarice opened a portal to the headquarters, but it was a long distance away and took a lot out of her. She collapsed and almost died.

One of the consequences of Clarice rescuing the Struckers and teleporting miles was that when she got better, her abilities were 'broken'. She couldn't get her abilities to work no matter how hard she tried. John worked with her, to get her passed her fear, but she was far from ready to make a portal for someone to go through. While on a mission later that day, John and Marcos were met by mutant haters. They couldn't come up with a way to deal that didn't involve bloodshed. Sonya (Dreamer) needed Clarice to create a portal that stuck, and she needed it right then. So to get Clarice passed her fear, she gave her a memory, one of Sonya's with John, someone to care about. This allowed Clarice to not only create a portal that worked and saved them, but one large enough to take a SUV through.

That in turn had it's own consequences. She had dreams of John, the memory that were implanted but fading. Clarice was working through that when she realized after watching Dreamer with a captive that Sonya had manipulated her mind. Clarice confronted her about it and she was finally told the truth. When John came to ask her help on getting information on his friend, Pulse, she confronted him with what had been done to her. He handled it badly, leaving her with the impression that she was only useful as a door opener. Clarice left them to fight their battles.

She went on a hunt to find the road that she kept opening a portal to when she was sick. Clarice didn’t know why, but she was determined to find out. John tracked her down and she rebuffed his offer to help but when he said he at least owed her that, she relented. When they couldn’t find the road, he told her to concentrate on where she felt safe. Clarice focused on the foster home.

John and Clarice finally found the familiar farm house. She was on her way inside when John told her to wait, something bad happened there. That was all she needed to hear before she take off on a run to the house. Once inside, she yelled for Carl and Denise (Mama D), the foster couple. She walked into the kitchen and discovered the multiple bullet holes and the twin pools of blood. Sentinel Services had murdered them.

Clarice blamed herself for bringing them there because of her portals that kept opening up to this location when she was sick. The fight with Sentinel Services just became hers and she returned to the Atlanta underground headquarters.

There was a rescue mission for refugees in Perry, Georgia and one of the refugees had blue skin. Clarice came to realize that Norah had been at the foster home when it was raided by the Sentinels. She watched her foster parents die and every time she closed her eyes she saw it over and over. Clarice felt guilty, guilty enough to swallow her anger at Sonya and ask for her help to get rid of that particular memory for Norah.

The next mission was to get Pulse and Esme’s family out of Trask Industries where they were doing experiments on Mutants – the Hound Program. Clarice, Sonya and the Struckers were to take out a power station so the others could get into Trask. Unfortunately, the Sentinel Services raided the building and brought in their new and improved spider robots. One of them captured Clarice first. Next, Sonya was captured helping the Stucker kids escape. Unfortunately, the Strucker teens were captured as well. They were all placed in the cells at Trask Industries with inhibitor collars.

Dr.Campbell wanted the Strucker children to clasp hands and join their powers so he could expand on the Hound program. When they refused, he brought in Sonya and Clarice as incentives. Sonya told them not to do it, no matter what. After Dr. Campbell got impatient and irritated, he shot Sonya in the heart. He then held the gun to Clarice’s head forcing their hands. The Struckers (Andy and Lauren) complied, but since the room they were in was made from Adamantium, it didn't dissolve.


Clarice arrives at the Inn just after returning to her cell after Sonya's death.

Appearance & Abilities

“You don’t get born looking like me without having some major X genes in your family tree.”

Clairce ear.gif Claricegreen.jpg

Clarice has a pink/purple mark above and below her eye, she has purple highlights to her hair. She also has pointed ears and green eyes.

She has the power of teleportation, but it's limited to what she can see or has been to before.

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Madonna Inn

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