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We saved the world. I say we party!

Buffy knife.jpg
Buffy Anne Summers
from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Slayer comma The
Arrival Date: January 1, 2017
Carin, Room 218
Age: 18
Birthdate: January 19, 1981

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: blond
Eyes: hazel
Build: slight
Complexion: pale
Accent: Californian

People of Note: Giles, Willow, Xander, Angel – but that’s complicated

http://st_accato.dreamwidth.org - buffy+summers
Player: Amanda
Portrayed by
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Theme Song:
"Story of a Girl"
by Nine Days


"Yeah, I'm also a person. You can't just define me by my Slayerness. That's... something-ism"

Special Abilities

For as long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One...

Slayer special abilities - Abilities: superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and accelerated healing. Buffy also seems to possesses an enhanced type of slayer precognition that warns her of impending danger through her dreams.


Buffy herself has thwarted prophecies time and time again


So many things about Buffy are contradictory. She's both shallow and deep: part of her giggly, flippant and superficial. The other side of her has the weight of her responsibility and the world on her shoulders. She feels things deeply while at the same time wanting to close off the part of her that does care. She's not unintelligent, but school-based book learning has never been her forte. She can, however, tell you more about demons than most people, and has a high level of street smarts. She is highly competitive and has a need to be the best at what she does. It colors her life as a Slayer, where she is the focus and center of her circle of friends - and with good reason. While it may sound like teasing when she says she's 'THE slayer' there is a core of truth underlying that pronouncement.

She has deep abandonment issues and that only gets worse as time goes on. Her father left, Angel leaves, her mother dies, she feels that Giles betrayed and abandoned her and even her relationship with Dawn is rife with fights and tension. It makes her refusal to truly let Riley in and the way she later uses Spike all that much more poignant. She cares about these people in her own way, but it is always in her way. On her terms. Never too close. Buffy struggles with being a leader, but in her mind she doesn't have a choice. As much as she talks about giving up and walking away from it, Buffy knows that she could never turn her back on protecting people from the darkness that's out there.

History and Background

It is always different! It's always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line and that is always going to be me! You get down on me for cutting myself off but in the end, the Slayer is always cut off. There's no mystical guidebook, no all-knowing council. Human rules don't apply. There's only me. I am the law.


Buffy was born in 1981 to Hank and Joyce Summers in Los Angeles, California. She had a fairly typical childhood, where she was a popular girl with a lot of friends. She had few worries or concerns outside of the usual ones of a teenager. Her world changed when she turned fifteen. Buffy started having vivid nightmares about girls and demons which she later learned were because she was 'called' to be a slayer. Her first watcher was Merrick and he began to teach her how to fight and kill vampires. They defeated the vampire Lathos but not before her watcher died. During the battle, Buffy burned down the gym. That action got her expelled from Hemery and set her on the path toward Sunnydale, Giles and the Hellmouth.

Everything did change at once. Not only did Buffy learn that she was a Slayer but her parents marriage broke up. After her parents divorce, Buffy and her mom moved to Sunnydale where she met her next Watcher Giles. At Sunnydale, she was no longer one of the popular kids as she had been in Hemry. Buffy soon became friends with Willow and Xander who helped her fight the 'forces of darkness'. They became close friends, and while there were others through the years (Oz, Cordelia, Anya and later Tara), Willow and Xander remained the core of her Scooby gang as she called them. Her path also crossed with Angel, a vampire with a soul. Sadly, and somewhat typically for Buffy, their relationship was doomed and played a large part in Buffy becoming an adult.

Her life can pretty much be summed up with if it's Tuesday it must be an apocalypse. She spends most of her time defeating the big bads, stopping apocalypses, and keeping the world safe. If it can go wrong or get worse, in Buffy's world it will. She's died and been brought back, fought demons and master vampires, principals gone bad, death with a rogue slayer, gone to hell, there isn't a lot she hasn't dealt with. And that was all before leaving high school.

Story So Far

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