Bradley Baker

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Bradley Baker
Arrival date: June 15
Canon: Edge of Winter
Race: Human
Age: 16
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 lbs
Innate Power: None
Learned Skills: None
Special Items: his iPhone
Employment: Unknown
Residence: Italy (105)
Birthday: March 12
Family: Caleb (12 year old brother), Elliot (Bio-dad), Ted (step-dad), Karen (mom)
Significant Other: none
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Tom Holland
Tag: Bradley Baker
Player: Anna
Player Email: annabkask1988 (GMAIL)

His mother had him when she was young and his father left because he couldn't handle it. Bradley (now age 15) has a step-dad, Ted, that's stable and pretty nice. Occasionally he and his younger brother Caleb (age 12) go visit their biological father, but Bradley's starting to understand his dad's kind of a deadbeat.

They go for a visit one day in their dad's new apartment and find a shotgun. Their dad brings them out into the winter wilderness to shoot and he drinks to much, making Bradley have to drive. They end up crashing and having to spend the night in the dead of winter in the truck. His dad learns Ted's got a promotion and they'll all be moving to London. This is when his dad stops thinking straight.

They go look for shelter and cross a lake. Brad falls through, but they find a cabin and warm up Brad suffers from hypothermia. Two hunters show up and the father gets paranoid. When it looks like the hunters have a way of contacting help, the dad loses it and kills the man. Brad starts figuring out something's wrong. Eventually, he realizes he and his brother need to escape. His had has completely lost it and they barley manage to get into the hunter's pick up truck and drive away.

Traumatic Events


  • Falling through ice and hypothermia
  • Dad killing two innocent men
  • Dad encouraging his little brother to shoot a rabbit
  • Dad locking him and his brother in a cabin room

Video Clips on how Brad talks and acts