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Please copy and past this information into an email. After your first character, use the "Subsequent Characters" form of "Basic Information". When you've completed it, send it to Thank you!

Basic Information

First Character


What you like to be called:

Your email address:

Your preferred wiki username:

How did you hear about Strange Trip?

Subsequent Characters


Current Characters & Relationships: [ie, Kitty Pryde: friends with Lara (Sly) - [sample thread link] and with Henry (Reg) - [sample thread link]; Sam Winchester: brother of Dean (Sly) - [sample thread link], grandson of Henry (Sly) - [sample thread link], friends with Molly (Leslie) - [sample thread link], etc.]

Character Information

Character Name: Character Journal: st_[clever name] Canon: Canon departure point:

Background: [A link to a canon history is sufficient]

Transfer: If yes, what game? Link to game journal and briefly describe any significant changes from canon.

Proposed PB: [link to images]

Physical Appearance: [focus on significant departures from the PB like wings, scars, skin tone]

Powers and Special Abilities: [just the bullet points; we'll ask if we have issues]

Application Questions

1. Three rooms from the Madonna Inn that you would want to live in and why (or that your player thinks it would be hilarious to make you live in). Please consult Inn and Room Assignments.

2. Three important items you want with you and why they're important to you. Link to pics if you want to. (Please note: if you want these things to be with you, you have to figure out why you had them when you departed from your canon).

3. Name three roles you could fill in the hotel or community. Be creative and think outside the box. You're trapped, so what does everyone need that you can do?

4. What are your worst character flaws? Give an example of how they might play out in game.

5. Will you go on adventures, and if so what will you do?

6. What are your passions? Name at least two!

7. Name three other people you want to interact with or three things you want to do.