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Please copy and paste this application into an email. After your first character, use the "Subsequent Characters" form of "Basic Information". When you've completed it, send it to Thank you!

Application Form

Basic Information

First Character


What you like to be called:

Your email address:

Your preferred wiki username:

How did you hear about Strange Trip?

Subsequent Characters


Current Characters and evidence of two relationships with characters played by different players: e.g.

  • Kitty Pryde: [ie, friends with Sunny (Umi) - [sample thread link] and with Hathaway (Heather) - [sample thread link];
  • Sam Winchester: brother of Dean (Manda) - [sample thread link] and son of Mary (Nat) - [sample thread link];

and so on. Include all of your current characters.

Character Information

Character Name:

Character Journal: st_[clever name] - journals for this game must begin with an ST.


Canon departure point:

Background: [A link to a canon history is sufficient]

Transfer: If yes, what game? Link to game journal and describe any significant changes from canon. This description should include significant relationships, any changes or additions to powers, and major plot points.

Proposed/Actual PB (played by/face claim/avatar): [link to images]

Physical Appearance: Focus on significant departures from the PB like wings, scars, skin tone.

Powers and Special Abilities: Just the bullet points; we'll ask if we have issues. ST doesn't nerf powers. If your character's powers are potentially world-breaking, we'll discuss with you how to keep them in bounds.

Application Questions

1. Three rooms from the Madonna Inn that you would want to live in and why (or that your player thinks it would be hilarious to make you live in).

  • Please consult Inn and Room Assignments.
  • If the room has more beds than the character needs, there will be a ghost roommate for each additional bed; the roommate may seem to be someone your character knows or knew. Please indicate what your character will make of having a ghost in their room with them.
  • We would like at least one sentence either in character voice or yours about why this room is on the list.

2. Three items that are important to the character and why. Link to pics if you want to.

  • If you want the items with the character when they arrive, you'll need to explain why they would have them in the moment they're arriving from.
  • Vehicles cannot stay with the characters and will disappear when the characters go inside the Inn.
  • We would like at least one sentence explaining the importance of the item. If there aren't any relevant items in canon, make up head canon about what might be important.

3. Name three roles you could fill in the hotel or community and explain why they're qualified. Be creative and think outside the box. You're trapped, so what does everyone need that you can do?

  • Try to think in terms of occupations or specific work.
  • The Inn has people in many of the key occupations. That's okay. What do you contribute that's new? For example, we have generalist doctors. Are you a heart surgeon? Are you a woman when all of the medical professionals are male?

4. What are your worst character flaws? Give an example of how each might play out in game. As this section takes the place of a traditional personality section, we're expecting several sentences on each flaw.

5. Will you go on adventures, and if so what will you do? Here, too. Don't just say yes or no. What kind of adventures are you interested in? Will you be an asset or a damsel in distress? Use this as an opportunity to tell us a bit about your character's attitude toward the new or unknown.

6. What are your passions? Name at least two, and tell us something about you with respect to them. Maybe tell us how you developed the passion, or where you last demonstrated it in canon. How will you indulge it in the in.

7. Name three other people you want to interact with or three things you want to do. We're taking any existing canonmates for granted, so please tell us about other possible connections you wish to build. Here are the existing characters for reference.

I'm approved. What's next?

You'll receive an email with step-by-step instructions, but here it is again:

  • Accept the invitation to or join the STRPG Google Group. This shouldn't be a high-traffic group, but it will be essential for communicating events, hiatuses, etc.
  • If you like, accept the invitation to the group Slack. It's not mandatory, but we do a lot of bonding here.
  • Sign in to the wiki with the password sent to you and change your password.
  • Make a wikipage for yourself or update your old wikipage to include the new character. These can be as simple as you want them to be. Name, contact info, characters. Feel free to borrow and adapt the code from someone else or do them as plain text.
  • Make an st_ character journal on Dreamwidth and then apply to join the [ strangetrip] community and the [ strangetrip ooc] community with that journal.
  • Make a wikipage for your new character. Here again, these can be simple. A link to character history posted elsewhere, a brief personality statement, powers and abilities, and an infobox + picture is plenty. Do more only if you want to.
  • Introduce your new character on the email list and if you're still having trouble coming up with an st_ journal name, ask people to help!
  • Glance over the Orientation Seminar.
  • Debut your character on their agreed upon arrival day.
  • Enjoy the game.

I got rejected. Now what?

A rejection from Strange Trip isn't the end of the world. If you didn't get accepted, we'll always give you some sense of why and what you need to do to cure it. We probably won't reject very many applications. We can still count the number we rejected at our last game on one hand and it lasted 9+ years. But if we do, it will probably be for one of these reasons:

  • Current characters aren't being played or don't show evidence of developing character relationships.
  • The character doesn't fit within the application guidelines (Evil, duplicate, on reserve for someone else).
  • The application is vague, incomplete, or lacking in depth.

In the first case, we'll hold onto the application and ask you to play your other characters a bit more first. In the second, we'll explain why and explore other options with you. In the third, we'll give you some guidance or ask a few questions to get you back on the right track. You'll be welcome to resubmit the application whenever you've revised it.