Annie May Parker

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Annie May Parker
from Amazing Spider-Man
"I am Annie May Parker... and I'm a menace! Just like my dad!"
Arrival Date: August 1st, 2018

Age: 8 years old
Birthdate: September 10, 2020

Height: 4'5
Weight: 55 lbs
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Build: thin
Complexion: pale, freckles
Accent: Queens (NYC)

People of Note: Peter Parker (dad), Mary-Jane Watson-Parker (mom)

st_ayedhidden - Annie May Parker
Player: Anna
Portrayed by
Anna Basso

Theme Song:



Born to Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary-Jane Watson-Parker. Superheros began to go missing. Those without superpowers, like the Punisher, were found dead and anyone with powers (All of the X-Men, for example) seemed to vanish completely. Then came a man named Regent. The surviving supers banded together with the Avengers and headed over to stop Regent. Spider-Man was going too, until he realized that all the prisoners of Rikers escaped and Venom was on the lose. Venom would be after his family. He abandoned the Avengers and went to save Annie and his wife. Her mother and she were attacked by Venom, but saved by her father (Peter actually killed Venom - his first time ever intentionally taking a life). This traumatic event would leave a scar on young Annie, as she would often have nightmares of the "shadowthing."


As she grew up, Annie would develop spider-powers of her own, causing her parents to fear that she would be taken away by the Regent. She never knew who her dad was except that he had powers. She had to wear an inhibitor bracelet and often broke it by accident, especially when she had nightmares. One day at school she discovered that the Power family was secretly the Power Pack and witnessed her father use his powers to rescue them from Regent's men.


When Kraven the Hunter realized Spider-Man was fighting like a scared father, Regent called in all families connected to Public School 122 Mamie Fay for a power screening. Despite passing, thanks to her Inhibitor Chip, a fellow classmate, Lewis, was outed as a mutant. With her father abandoning them to save Lewis, Mysterio was able to locate Annie and her mother. Luckily, however, S.H.I.E.L.D. found them first.

Reuniting with the Power Pack, Annie was given a costume to go along with her powers, much to her mother's dismay. Suddenly, the Sinister Six invade the base.

Powers and Special Abilities:

- Super Strength
- Wall Crawling
- Super Speed/Agility/Equilibrium/Reflexes
- Super Stamina
- Regenerative Healing Factor/Enhanced Immune System
- Precognition: Her Spider-Sense seems to be much evolved than that of her father as she was able to see her parents getting hurt in their fight against Mole-Man, only for her to see her parents show up later and end up in the same way she saw. She claims it feels "like it a buzz! (She sees something happen a few moments before it does)
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