Alec McDowell

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Alec McDowell
Arrival date: Jan 1 2018
Canon: Dark Angel
Race: Human
Age: 21
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6'1
Weight: 140 lbs
Innate Power: See Main Post
Skills: See Main Post
Talents: See Main Post
Special Items: A locket he keeps on his person at all time, Jampony ID
Room: 114
Birthday: Unknown
Family: X series, Max
Significant Other: None
Out of Character
Portrayed by: Jensen Ackles
Tag: Alec McDowell
Player Email:

Brief Bio

Alec is a clone of Max's 'brother' Ben. When Max and some of her sibling escaped, their clones suffered the consequence. Alec spent a lot of time being 'reprogrammed' by the people of Manticore (A secret government agency who created super soldiers and transgenic creatures). He first encountered Max when she was recaptured. He found her entertaining and lied for her until it was in his advantage to sell her out. Max ended up giving him the name Alec (from 'Smart Alec' and Alec ended up helping Max infect Logan with a virus only she carried that targeted his particular DNA. For Revenge, Max took down the Manticore and so Alec was 'set free'. He spent a lot of time surviving by stealing and other illegal businesses until he landed a job alongside Max working for Jam Pony. As the transgenics become more and more overt in the city, Alec ends up after a long stand-off with police at a place called Terminal City where they decided to make their stand.


Project Manticore was founded by Sandeman. Very little is known about Manticore's founding, as most of the information is still classified as top secret. Manticore's work involved creating a genetically modified superior soldier. They created the X5 series and the transhumans, mission-specific transgenic soldiers that don't look entirely human. At some point they recruited Donald Lydecker, Elizabeth Renfro, and others to help with the training, creation, and monitoring of their warriors.
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The 2009 escape began when X5-452 was caught having a seizure. Knowing what would happen to them, a group of the X5s (about 21 of them) attempted to escape, Colonel Lydecker cut them off and was forced to shoot X5-766 (Eva), the only armed X5 of the group. After watching Eva die, the other X5s were more determined to escape, 12 escaped despite Lydecker's men combing the entire area. 1 turned back at the last minute, 2 were killed, 3 were wounded and 2 were captured. Because of the escape, Manticore was forced to increase the training on all remaining X5s and any future X-series to reduce the chance of rebellion. The reeducated X-5 series was given the unit designation X-5R.

Physical Attributes

Tumblr ofj1ghjqCh1urwlwbo2 400.gif
He has a barcode (331845739494) on the back of his neck

Powers and Special Abilities:
· Enhanced: strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, stamina and coordination.

· Accelerated healing and metabolism (this makes it very difficult to become drunk).

· Enhanced senses: eyesight (can zoom in and focus on objects from great distances) and hearing.

· Enhanced immune system (all transgenics were made immune to all common bio-warfare agents).

· Eidetic memory.

· Very high I.Q.


  • X5s, meant to be the (transgenic) officers, were exceptionally well trained and suited for military combat, strategy, and espionage (including various weapons and martial arts).
  • Like all X5s, Alec endured brutal physical and mental training and rigid discipline (brainwashing) from childhood till the time of his escape, and his training combined with his enhanced physique makes him nearly unstoppable when facing normal humans, though he is by no means invincible.
  • Trained as a Manticore supersoldier/assassin, some assumptions are that: he is highly skilled in CQB, recon, infiltration, tracking, observation, escape and evasion, espionage, computers, explosives, and handling vehicles (including various military planes and helicopters), has achieved fluency in many languages, and has a black belt in various martial arts such as Krav Maga,Taekwondo,and Judo.
  • X5s, as children, were trained to hold their breath for four minutes and can hold their breath for much longer as adults.
  • Alec became a concert-level pianist in less than a day in preparation for the Berrisford mission.